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7 Cool Gold Coast Coworking Spaces For Creatives & Freelancers

By Danielle Read - 10 Apr 2018

gold coast coworking spaces

Richard Branson, eat your heart out. There’s a new wave of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and creativepreneurs sweeping across the Gold Coast faster than you can say ‘wifi password, please.’ So, it only makes sense that there are some pretty epic spots popping up to work from.  

Coworking spaces on the Gold Coast have been around for some time, but more in a ‘wanna come hotspot our phones on Burleigh hill?’ kind of way. Now we’re seeing repurposed warehouses, office buildings and even shipping containers catering for that #laptoplife.  

Whether you’re building an empire or just want to be surrounded by a crew of like-minded biz builders, here are the best Gold Coast coworking spaces you need to know about.

The Communal House 

Currumbin Waters

Sometimes you just want to hang out in a spot that doesn’t make you quiver with fear if you accidentally drop a pen. Sure, working in absolute silence can be good for productivity, but you can do that at your own place. The Communal House always has the tunes cranking and comes pre-packaged with people to bounce ideas off across their 12 desks. Friday arvo beers are also a given, because networking in Gold Coast coworking spaces is a whole lot easier after a pint or two. Suited specifically to the creative freelancer, The Communal House in Currumbin Waters offers a bright office space upstairs, a moodier room for video editing downstairs and a generous studio is available for hire to boot. Full time desks give you 24-hour access, unlimited internet use, a virtual mailing address, free printing and a bunch of other perks starting from $95 per week (first week free!).



We all feel a little bit spesh when we walk into the historic ex-Southport ambulance station turned cafe and coworking hotspot. Oh, the things those walls would have seen. And now they’ll see you streaming trashy reality TV while you procrastinate your workload at CoSPACES too. This little community has been growing since 2012 and now includes neighbouring building The Station, offers a huge lettable space including over 100 co-working desks, five meeting rooms, larger rooms for private functions, event spaces and a photography studio. With Percy’s Corner cafe adjoining and Mr P.P.’s Rooftop Deli and Bar next door, what more do you need? Add in monthly whisky tastings, photography workshops, startup and mentoring workshops, trivia nights and networking events, and you may just pack your bags and move in full time.

Hotel Miami 


When Nicka (part of the Cambus Wallace crew) and his business partner started looking for a creative space to work from on the southern end of the Gold Coast, they quickly realised there really wasn’t one. Behold, the inception of Hotel Miami. Six months later, they found a perf posie in the building ‘Hotel Miami’ (built in 1925, fun fact) and fitted out the pad with a retro interior. Looking to attract like-minded designers, artists, photographers, videographers and more, Hotel Miami also offers a fully operational photography and video studio equipped with a bunch of lighting and microphone setups. Collaboration is at the heart of what Hotel Miami are doin’ and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Rent your hot desk from $29 per day, weekly for $119 or hire out air conditioned offices upstairs as you please. This is one of the most accommodating coworking spaces on the Gold Coast that’s suited to workshops, events and even hosting a monthly shindig, ‘First Fridays’, showcasing a selected local artist—for free! Nice one fellas, nice one.


Currumbin Waters

A converted warehouse with your very own personal barista? Uh, yah, we want a piece of that pie. Grab a stool at Refinery’s massive coworking table or nestle into a spot for one, host your next event or photo shoot in their combined cafe or simply Instagram the shiz outta their plant-loving interiors. Pulling a mixed crowd, Refinery has to be one of the airiest co-working spaces on the Gold Coast and with six-metre high ceilings, never feels crammed.  The best part about Refinery’s co-working space is that it is completely free, although picking up your morning coffee, guzzling a smoothie and eating up acai bowls or toasties is smiled at—because all of that hard work is sure to make your tummy grumble. Need to host an interview or meeting? Their upstairs office is available from $25 per day, and includes a hot bevvy for four people so you can win over potential clients, customers and cool cats with their fave drink. Lap up all of those communal vibes inside or add a soundtrack of whizzing cars outside by perching on one of Refinery’s modest alfresco setups.

Gold Coast Creative House 

Burleigh Heads

If permanency is where it is at for your business needs, then Gold Coast Creative House has just slapped a big ol’ high five your way. Already home to a bunch of stellar creatives, when a desk is snatched up here usually it’s not given back too quickly. Across six creative studios and two crisp levels, choose to collaborate or keep to yourself. And interestingly, four of the spots have been made from converted shipping containers. Slip through the custom steel sliding door and be immersed in one of the largest photography and film studios in Australia at Gold Coast Studio. Suited to creatives who are serious about making waves with their businesses, Gold Coast Creative House exclusively hosts permanent desks for stability and predictability in the workplace. Public relations gurus, website designers or sound mixers, these guys are looking for you! Get in quick because their available spaces won’t last long.  


Varsity Lakes

Wifi as fast as the speed of light? Oh WOTSO, you have our hearts! A combination of soft seating spaces, phone booths and desks, Varsity Lakes’ favourite coworking space provides for an engaging yet practical place to knuckle down in. Creative furniture like meeting room tables made from data racks recycled from old servers adds to WOTSO’s quirky design. The driving force behind WOTSO is their 11 sites across Australia and soon to be international locations. This gives you perks like hot desking in other locations when you become a WOTSO member and they live with the belief that building the space you need is far more important that permanency. 24/7 access is given in exchange for monthly membership and you’ll also have access to meeting rooms, printing facilities and social events with fellow office space sharers. Looking for a little more privacy? Take up one of the furnished offices. There’s no set persona or profile for the type of person who coworks at WOTSO so come one, come all! 

The Burleigh Common  

Burleigh Heads

Connect, create and inspire at James Street’s neighbourhood hangout, The Burleigh Common. If you don’t like being shooshed, this is the FREE Gold Coast co-working space for you.  Encouraging passionate conversations and amped up entrepreneurs, The Burleigh Common doesn’t believe in feeling lonely while you cowork. With food trucks setting up shop out inside from time to time and a selection of Blackboard Coffee or Emma & Toms juices, everything you need is just a reach over your desk away. Product launch coming up? Hire out the central spot for events like industry nights, workshops or warehouse-chic photo shoots.  And if there’s anything we’ve learnt from coworking, it’s that a totes professional private meeting room is good to have on call too. Host your snazzy catch up in their adjoining space suited to 4-10 people and look like you’ve got your shit together. Note to self: pocket cup.

A Gold Coast coworking space not for you? Try these local cafes with wifi for a break from the office. 

Image credit: Gold Coast Creative House, The Communal House, Hotel Miami + Hayley Williamson

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