Scare Yourself Silly At This Terrifying Show Held Inside A Blacked-Out Shipping Container

By Catherine Blake
9th Dec 2019

seance shipping container show gold coast

We all know what a séance is. We’ve seen Poltergeist, so when that word pops up on the side of a mysterious shipping container, something wicked is certain to follow. After haunting crowds across the country, SEANCÉ, by the creators DARKFIELD, is hitting the Gold Coast with its terrifying show.

Intrigued? Here's how SEANCÉ works. Participants go into the container, take a seat and put on a set of headphones. Leaving their hands flat on the table, they receive ‘suggestible information’ through the headsets for 20 minutes while sitting in complete darkness. This doesn’t sound too scary until you realise the whole experience is more like a psychological experiment to mess with you. As the only senses being engaged are touch and sound, the audio is designed to make you conjure up imagery and question what is real and what isn’t. So, instead of genuinely conjuring the supernatural, SEANCÉ’s creepy weirdness comes from INSIDE YOUR OWN HEAD.

With the sensory deprivation experience going down in the pitch black of a shipping container, the organisers don’t recommend SEANCÉ for the claustrophobic, pregnant or anyone suffering a heart condition. 

Gold Coasters can get their own taste of the mental mind warp in 2020. While exact timing is still unknown, register here for dates, booking details and everything else you need to know.

The Details

What: Darkfield’s SEANCÉ
Where: Location TBC
When: Coming in 2020
To register for more information, click here

Image credit: Supplied

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