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Gin Baubles Exist And This Where You Can Buy Them

By Reyam Ghanim
5th Nov 2018

As full-time gin enthusiasts, you can imagine our excitement for the launch of Gingle Bells Gin Baubles—Christmas baubles filled with gin that sit pretty on your Christmas tree.

These beauties are made with Australian dry gin from Reg Papps—who was named one of the top five gin distillers in the world last year—and infused with various botanicals to create six gorgeous baubles.

A set of six baubles will set you back $80 and you’ll get six delicious types of gin. The Finger Lime Gin bauble is filled with tiny lime juice balls that pop in your mouth when bitten and is also said to make the best gin and tonic, so you’ll want to try and save that one for yourself.

There’s also a Wattleseed Gin, packed with notes of chocolate and hazelnut which promises to deliver the perfect espresso martini.

If those two don’t tickle your fancy, leave them on the tree for someone else and get your hands on the B’lure Butterfly Pea Flower Gin infused with flowers grown in Thailand which turns pink and purple when mixed with lime juice, the Snow Chrysanthemum Gin that’s perfect on the rocks, the Wild Hibiscus Flower Gin that pairs perfectly with Prosecco or the Pepperberry Gin that’s packed with spiciness to sizzle the palette.  

All your baubles will come threaded with a silver ribbon so they are ready for hanging on the tree, plus recipes for making the perfect cocktails. Don’t let their adorable nature fool you—these babies are seriously strong and they pack a punch.

They will be available from November 18 and we predict they will sell out, so pre-order yours here to avoid missing out.

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Image credit: Jez Timms

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