8 Epic Easter Treats To Devour (Before They’re Gone)

By Olivia Hillier - 23 Mar 2018

creme egg easter drink

Easter, that beautiful time of year where consuming copious amounts of chocolate is applauded and long weekends are the norm. If we didn’t already love Easter enough—which we totally do—some of our fave cafes and bakeries have been busy creating limited edition Easter masterpieces that’ll wow your taste buds and send this public holiday into legendary status.

But we’re warning you—these deliciously perfect dishes and drinks are ‘Easter specials’, which means they’ll only be available for a short time.

Whether you have a sweet or savoury tooth or just love this time of the year for more holidays, celebrations and cocktails—the bakeries, cafes and bars of the Gold Coast have you covered this Easter. So, hop to it! 

Easter Dragon Egg | Dragonfly Espresso & Wine Bar


After something a little more fancy this Easter? Super aesthetic and a complete chocolate-gasm, crack open the Dragon Egg from Dragonfly Espresso & Wine Bar in Broadbeach between now and Easter. Picture this: a liquid nitrogen frozen chocolate egg, cracked open to reveal Oreo crème, chocolate mousse, egg custard, berry compote and, just when you thought it was complete, marshmallows and a speckled egg. Chocoholics unite at Dragonfly Espresso & Wine Bar, ‘cause this is Gold Coast’s best Easter treat of 2018. 

Hot Cross Bombs | Bam Bam Bakehouse 

Mermaid Beach

Bam Bam Bakehouse is at it again. Get ready to explode both your savoury and sweet senses when devouring their Hot Cross Bombs! Think: fresh hot cross buns filled with creamy pockets of custard and available daily from 7am. Though we highly recommend you stock up, as one may not be enough and we’re sure you won’t wanna share these bombs. 

Sticky Hot Cross Gelato Buns | Heven-Yah Gelateria

Mermaid Beach

Count on Heven-Yah Gelateria to put a sweet spin on the humble hot cross bun—into an Easter-fied flavour explosion. Oh, baby! Teaming up with The Bread Social—who will supply the buttery, sticky hot cross buns—Heven-Yah are stuffing creamy gelato inside for $8 a pop. Gelato-wise, cross your fingers for Easter-inspired creations like hazelnut with Nutella and biscotti crumble, the Cioccolato All’arancia AKA Belgian chocolate gelato with candied orange peel, or perhaps the coffee and mocha stracciatella. Decisions, decisions. Available Thursday 29 to Saturday 31 March, until sold out 

Hot Cross Bun-Infused Gin Cocktails | Old Tom Restaurant & Bar


Prefer your Easter treats in a martini glass? Tom Angel is the man with all the moves, so make a stop at Old Tom’s in Broadbeach between now and Easter to get your hands around hot cross bun-infused gin cocktails—the Mister Cross and Good Fizzday. How else would you want to wash down your Easter food coma, or let your hair loose after a mad egg hunt? We know we’ll be spending some time at Old Tom’s over our four-day holiday. 

House Made Easter Egg Platters | Ground N Sound

Chirn Park

The best Easter treats for the indecisive, picky eater… Thanks to Ground N Sound in Chirn Park you never need to compromise your Easter treats, ‘cause you can order your house made Easter eggs exactly how you like! Choose from milk, dark or white chocolate eggs; then add a little extra flair by dipping it in hundreds and thousands, M&Ms, coconut or extra chocolate fudge—the possibilities are endless! Shopping for someone else? Place an extra little treat inside your house made egg, and viola, house made Kinder Surprise!

Hot Cross Bun Cronuts | The Pastry Emporium

Mermaid Waters & Bundall

Are you sitting down? The Pastry Emporium have created a hot cross bun, doughnut and croissant—all in one. Just ponder that one for a second. Drooling yet? We are! It’s one of the Gold Coast’s best Easter treats and is available to you right now! Drive on down to The Pastry Emporium in Mermaid Waters or Bundall to get your mouth around them! Divine dough, hot cross bun goodness, crunchy pastry, topped with a sweet, sweet icing. End your Easter food coma in pastry heaven. 

Chocolate-Custard Filled Easter Doughnut | Paddock Bakery


You know anything Paddock Bakery does is pretty much guaranteed to taste and look ridiculously good. And their 2018 Easter-only special is no exception. Visualise a freshly-baked semi sourdough doughnut filled with white chocolate custard crème, topped with a hollow choccie Easter egg that is, wait for it, brimming with warm salted caramel. Crack it open for the sweet, oozy full effect. Expect this Gold Coast Easter treat to blow up on your Insta feed in the lead up to the long weekend. Dessert for breakfast? We won’t judge.

Crème Egg Cocktails | Cowch


The Gold Coast is providing you with hot cross buns and chocolate galore, but what is Easter without a Crème Egg or, even better, a vodka Crème Egg. Vodka, Crème de cacao, condensed milk, whipped together in a chocolate egg martini class and topped with fairy floss—need we say more? Cowch has got you covered with this deliciously Insta-worthy Crème Egg cocktail. However, the sugar coma doesn’t end there… If you could create the ultimate dessert, what would it include? Ours would go something like this: Tim Tams, pancakes, pretzels, peanuts, salted caramel, ice cream… Shall we continue? All of the above is exactly what’s included in Cowch’s Easter dessert special dubbed the Caramello Surprise Pancake Stack. Oh, and of course it comes topped with an Easter egg. When you head down to Cowch at Pacific Fair, loose clothing is essential. 

Worked your way through the Gold Coast’s best Easter treats? You’ll probably be needing a long nature walks to work off all those calories. 

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