Cooked It | How To Make A Golden Gaytime Martini At Home

By Millie Lester
9th Jun 2018

That’s right, sh*t’s about to get real and your arteries about to explode. We’ve tracked down the biggest life expectancy culling beverage on the Australian bar scene at the moment and it promises to be nothing less than a heart attack in a glass. While Golden Gaytime everything has basically enveloped this country over the last 18 months, crawling its way into breakfast dishes (Golden Gaytime French toast, anyone?), lunch menus and dessert cafes. But this year it went one step further and landed its way on the bar scene, perfecting a total food scene takeover.

The best news? The Golden Gaytime Martini is bloody easy to make. Here’s how.


  • 30ml Butterscotch Schnapps
  • 15ml Tia Maria
  • 15ml Baileys Irish Cream
  • 30ml cream
  • Streets Gaytime Crumbs
  • Ice


  1. Pop to the bottle-o and give the FlyBuys card a solid workout. Definitely cash in on that $10 six-pack Ruskis at the counter.
  2. Head home and pop the schnapps, Tia Maria, Baileys, ice and cream in a cocktail shaker, give that softball arm a good workout and then strain it into the flashest glass you have.
  3. Frost the glass with Streets Gaytime Crumbs and then spoon a bunch into your mouth just to be safe.
  4. Grab a pic and Instagram it with the hashtag #goldengaytini.

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