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Say Hello To The Urban List Gold Coast!

By Brooke Darling
25th May 2017

The Urban List Gold Coast

If you’re reading this, it’s because you follow Metropolist (and also because you’re awesome, obviously).

And today is the day Metropolist officially changes its name to The Urban List Gold Coast. Hurrah! Other than the obvious fact that it’s gonna be a helluva lot easier for everyone to pronounce (let’s be honest, who really knew how to say Metropolist, anyway?!) it also means when it comes to hunting for hand-selected tips, trends, and the best of what’s happening in cities and regions around Australia and New Zealand, there’s just one name to search—The Urban List. Plus, we’ve got a whole new website to get you acquainted with, but more on that later. Yep, it’s a big day! 

But let’s rewind a sec, in case you missed our announcement last week

The Urban List has always been our mother brand, offering Metropolist support and guidance over the past 18 months while we’ve kept busy dishing up the goods on epic new openings, cute coffee joints, the coolest events across the Gold Coast, hikes that should be on your bucket list, and even where you can find essential fitness classes, like… beer yoga. 

It’s been rewarding, ridiculously fun, and something we feel so lucky to have been able to create on and for the Gold Coast. But, as time has gone on and emails have been received from loyal readers hunting for Metropolist in other cities, we’ve realised we are working towards the same goal as The Urban List; to connect locals and travellers with the best of the best in their city. We want people to know that wherever they go, there is only one brand they can look to for local recommendations, not two. This is why we’ve decided to bring the Gold Coast officially under The Urban List banner.

While today we say goodbye to the Metropolist name and website, we’re not saying goodbye to what we’re about. We’re still the same people, delivering the same content, from the same place, just under a new name with a schmick new-to-you website. 

The Urban List Gold Coast is simpler to navigate, easier to search, and features a change-your-life directory where you’ll find all of our favourite local businesses in the one spot, complete with opening hours and maps. And from here on out, The Urban List Gold Coast will be appearing in your Facebook and Instagram feeds, so don’t freak out, okay?

They say “a change is as good as a holiday” and we totally agree. So pull up a chair, mix your fave cocktail, complete with a paper umbrella of course, and have a poke around the new site. We can’t promise you’ll come back with a tan, but hopefully you’ll leave The Urban List Gold Coast feeling relaxed, stuffed from virtually eating all the ridiculously good-looking burgers, and inspired to get out and explore our beautiful region. 

Here’s to the next chapter! 

Brooke Darling // Editor
The Urban List Gold Coast

Image credit: Brooke Darling for The Urban List

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