21 Things To Do On The Gold Coast When You’re Single

By Samantha Chalker
12th Feb 2017

“It sucks being single on the Gold Coast” is a sadly common catch phrase.

To this we say: “hush now, pessimists!” Gold Coast single life is but an exhilarating rollercoaster, you just need to buy a ticket. Or something splendidly inspirational like that.

Whether you’re newly single, on the rebound, or so far into single life you can’t even remember how it feels to say “possum”, you’re sure to get a kick out of a few on this list of things to do in the Gold Coast if you’re single.

1. Grab a pack of babes and head to the Currumbin rock pools. And we mean the “secret” Currumbin rock pools, of course, that are so secret we can’t even mention them here. Your single status won’t last long past the moment you upload your stream of Jane of the Jungle bikini shots to Instagram. Everyone loves an outdoors type.

2. Take a road trip. The Gold Coast is spitting distance to numerous great road trips, all of which are best undertaken with a carload of fellow single folk. Good times guaranteed.

3. Shop up a storm. Sit down with a calculator and have a think back to your last relationship and all the cash you threw at him/her in the dizziness of love. Now go splash all that on YOU, in one foul swoop.

4. Eat Yum Cha. Put on a loose fitting outfit and make tracks to Mandarin Court on the Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach (or any one of these top spots to Yum Cha). Here, you can sit happily in a corner, spinning your Lazy Susan and eating your bodyweight in dim sums, spring rolls, pork buns, etc. etc. Nobody’s going to see your naked body tonight, remember?

5. Spend a day at a day spa. To make it easy for ya, we’ve rounded up some of the best day spas on the Gold Coast. ‘Cause in the wise words of L’Oréal Paris: “Because you’re worth it”. *blows kiss*

6. Have a picnic on Burleigh Hill. Guess what? All the activities cute couples do can be done with a group of friends. Yes, we hear you gasping, but just give it a whirl! Candles, champers, sunset—nothing beats a BFF picnic date on Burleigh Hill.

7. Bar hop in Nobbys (or Burleigh, or Palmy…). The little strip of shops at Nobbys once only appealed to us for the stuffed vine leaves at Mount Lebanon Continental Deli and the absolutely everything at About A Girl. These days we suggest you go here to find your someone special; such is the evolution of this pocket of the Coast that now boasts many great watering holes.

8. Get skillz. At the risk of sounding like an #inspirationalquoteoftheday, the best thing about being single is that you can be the star of your own show. Take up pottery, learn a new language, take a cooking class. Your Tinder profile will be reading like a Harvard valedictorian resume in no time.

9. Go to the races. Nothing says boozy single folk all dressed up and on the prowl like a day at the Gold Coast Turf Club.

10. Go to Tune-Up Karaoke Bar. This is Cavill Avenue’s most legitimate karaoke situation. Head to a private room and have a very, very good friend film you singing your best/worst rendition of anything Céline Dion. Then, every time you catch yourself listing off all of your most fabulous traits and questioning why the hell you are single, you can watch this and return back down to earth. Open 8:30pm to 3am, seven days a week, there is rarely an excuse not to Tune-Up.

11. Go clubbing in Brisbane. Two words: fresh meat.

12. Hire a party pontoon. Seafood, salt water, sunshine, and many boats sailing the Gold Coast Broadwater that are spilling at the sides with fun-loving singles. If you can nab a bucks/hens party, there’s no limit to the potential of this day on the water.

13. Spend a Friday or Saturday night at Miami Marketta street food markets. Apart from the whole great-food-slash-great-live-music thing, Miami Marketta is a total babe station. Particularly enjoyable for those who follow Daily Man Bun on Instagram. Swooonnnnn.

14. Take a drive through the Gold Coast Hinterland. And cross your fingers that a farmer wants a wife.

15. Go to Melbas: upstairs. Or Vanity. Or SinCity. Venturing to any of these all-class drinking establishments will serve as a not so pleasant reminder of the sorry state of the meat market. Why put yourself through this? So that you’re a little less likely to sit around sighing “whhhyyy am I singleeeee???” Now you can say with complete confidence: “I am single because there is no one left on the planet with dignity and a healthy attitude to alcohol. I am happy, I am healthy, and I am better off alone.” Kapesh?

16. Spend a weekend going through open homes on the eastern side of the Gold Coast Highway. It’s a long shot, but if you can find yourself a bachelor/bachelorette about to make a sensible investment into the Gold Coast property market, and beachside, you will become a shining beacon of hope and perseverance the world over. And the world could really do with a few more shining beacons of hope and perseverance.

17. Go ten-pin bowling. Or partake in any other endorphin educing activities that will keep you from slumping into a single sadness. Kidding! Single life is incredible, seriously.

18. Hang out with a couple whose relationship is on the rocks. Hey, we never said anything about this list being morally correct!

19. Steal a child and go to a theme park. Better yet, try to make this a babysitting activity. Getting paid to nurse small koalas at Dreamworld or hang upside down in Movie World; what will we think of next?

20. Go thrifting. Single babes go thrifting. We promise nothing about eligibility, but trust us: single babes go thrifting.

21. Hang out alone. It’s possible there will come a time in your life when time alone is your most precious, highly sought after pastime. Spend hours in a local library, take a bike ride, walk down streets you’ve never been down, sit in a coffee shop, and hypothesise about the lives of strangers walking by. One day you’ll look back on these seemingly bland adventures and think, “Geez, I’d give my left arm to be that time rich again.”


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