5 Ways You Can Do Good On The Gold Coast

By Kaitlyn Smith
7th Aug 2017

There’s nothing like the joy of seeing our younger generations whole-heartedly embrace a new era of selfies and self obsession. But hey, kids, while you’re busy pouting, posting and just all ‘round believing the world cares about your fake-laugh-but-don’t-make-it-look-staged photo, there are inspiring, everyday people giving back to others in need, whenever they can.

So, please, step away from your camera for two minutes and have a read over what you can do to give back to your local community, too. 

Add A Little Light To A Family’s Hard Times | Make A Wish Volunteer

Granted, this one may not be for everyone. It’ll be confronting at times, but it’ll always be worth it. Giving back to a family in need, whether you’re helping raise funds or getting super involved by meeting with sick kids, bonding with families and helping create their most epic of wishes into a memory. Well, we can’t really think of anything more rewarding. Volunteering with Make A Wish Foundation's Gold Coast branch is also a swift kick in the butt to remind yourself that if these kids can smile, then your life isn’t really all that bad either. 

Share Your Passion For The Ocean | Coolangatta Bluebottles Program

With watersports basically the epitome of #GClife, the legends at Coolangatta SLSC host a modified Nippers program designed to cater for kids with special needs. With each child assigned a qualified lifesaver, they teach kids about the importance of being safe on our beaches and in the ocean. So, if you’re one of those gifted water-people, then you actually have no excuse to not already be involved. With the program starting up again come summer, it’s the perfect reason to feel good, give back and get your ocean cravings satisfied all in one.

Prepare To Overuse Your Baby Voice | Animal Welfare League

Be warned animal-lovers, once you volunteer you’ll inadvertently become a crazy cat lady and also, really love it. Animal Welfare League homes unsheltered animals and now you’re allowed to volunteer and cuddle to your heart is content (you just need to be over 13 years old and you’re good to go). While yes, it’s super heartbreaking learning how many animals go un-homed, you can add a little light to their lives and show them some mad love. Hopefully, you’ll fall too far in love that you end up taking one (or eight) home with you. 

Learn The Value Of Unwanted Food | OzHarvest

While most of the Gold Coast is out brunching daily at their fave spots, sadly, there’s always someone going hungrier than the rest. The angels at OzHarvest are dedicated to helping feed people in need, while also saving good food from becoming landfill. These guys collect quality excess food from commercial outlets, corporate events, markets and more, with volunteers (that’s you guys!) delivering it personally to dozens of local charities. OzHarvest is busy making sure all Aussies get a good, hearty meal, and we think that’s something worth being apart of. 

Gift Your Time And Hang With The Oldies | Salvos Aged Care Plus

If you’re missing yarns about the good old days with your grandparents, then go for the second best option and adopt one. Okay, not literally. But maybe you’ll develop a soft spot for an adorable old man that loves to rehash adventures of his youth and wears his trousers too high, or be busy fighting off the nannas who think it’s still totally appropriate to try clean your face. With aged care homes throughout Oz, The Salvos are renowned for doing good and this is the perfect excuse for the ‘young at heart’ to really shape up some self-obsessed ‘whipper snappers’. Go on! Be exposed to people far wiser than your years, brighten their day and listen to every damn thing they have to say.

Image credit: OzHarvest 

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