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Here’s Where You Can Adopt Pets On The Gold Coast

By Alex Topakas
21st Sep 2017

Are your social feeds filled endlessly with photos and videos of puppies and kittens? Are you that friend who is tagged in ALL the dog memes? Are you a proud member of and single-handedly invite all family, friends, boyfriends and girlfriends to the one and only Cool Dog Group on Facebook? Look no further, this article is for you.

Let’s face it; when you buy a puppy, you're essentially taking on the responsibility of caring for an infant. While the joys of having a puppy do seem endless (and frankly, those pocket-rockets are just too damn cute), their teeth become your personal shredding machine, gnawing through the toilet paper, newspaper and those $100 shoes you just bought. And that cream carpet upstairs? It’s really just too good of a substitute when, er… puppy business immediately calls. With a puppy, you do need to put in those extra hours of training and socialising to ensure a good quality of life. But did you know there are already thousands of un-adopted animals on the Gold Coast that need loving homes? 

Rescue dogs aren’t broken or damaged, they've just had a tad more experience in life. And frankly, they’re looking for a forever home and some real TLC. (And to be honest, TLC isn’t too hard of a task with a pup!) 

Here at The Urban List, we’re partial to a few good dog memes and going completely off track on puppy tangents. Whether you’re lusting for a new addition to the family, want a reason to convince your dad/BF who always says ‘no’ (partially due to the rise of carpet steam cleaning costs), or really want to do your good deed for the week, we have five of the best places to adopt puppies (and kitties) right here on the Gold Coast.

Best of luck with your new furry friend! 

RSPCA Queensland 

Walk through the clutter of pre-loved clothes just off the highway near Nobby Beach and encounter the cutest thrift you ever did find. From puppies to kittens, pups with a little more age, farm animals and reptiles, the RSPCA is your go-to for a new BFF. As a sister shelter to their main campus in Brisbane, only one or two beautiful pups are on show seeking their new home (so be quick!). And the best part - pups come temperament checked, micro-chipped, de-sexed, vaccinated, worm and flea treated. Poppin’ tags will never be so worthwhile. 

Animal Welfare League 

Located in Coombabah, Animal Welfare League are seriously a godsend. Rehoming over 224 animals in their Project Empty Shelter 2016 in just months, they really are committed to giving their pups some love. And you can, too! All pets come micro-chipped, vaccinated, wormed and de-sexed, and will even know a trick or three (seriously, endless fun). Oh, and did we mention the KITTY CAM located live on their website? Yes, you can seriously watch kitties that are up for adoption from your desktop, bed, work, heck everywhere, all day long. 

Best Friends Rescue 

While a smaller charity for animal adoption, Best Friends Animal Rescue is a fierce competitor for their dedication to the cause. Focused on finding homes for abandoned or unwanted dogs, BFAR urges you to keep a close eye on their website or Facebook page for what pups are looking for their fur-ever home that month. Oh, and the best part!? They also offer a foster care system, where you can take your new little friend under your wing until they find their own home. 

WildCats Animal Welfare

For all things feline, WildCats Animal Welfare are the awesome cat ladies who are committed to finding hundreds of kitties incredible owners. While cats do need their special attention, they’re great at throwing shade, sass, and are partial to the ‘feed me now’ look. Some cats will even perform a trick or two if you’re lucky and come pre-vaccinated, toilet trained, micro-chipped and de-sexed. For extra TLC, let them under your doona cover at night (they love it!).

Precious Paws Animal Rescue 

Precious Paws Animal Rescue are really angels fallen from heaven, totally committed to providing a second chance at life for dogs in need of a home. There are seriously a lot of them—you’ll find yourself scrolling longer on their Pet Preview page than your Instagram feed, peeking at the cutest little doggies you ever did see. With all breeds, shapes and sizes, Precious Paws are your go-to for animal adoption. Forget the dating sites, look for love right here! 

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Image credit: Q'aila 

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