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Give Your Home A Green Glow Up With These 8 Plant Delivery Services

By Rick Stephens
22nd Apr 2020

Sunlit dining room with indoor plants and vines hanging from shelves.

Existence as we know it is playing out in slow-mo right now, and we’re all searching for our catharsis in a slew of hobbies, activities and basically anything that’ll help pass the time. Trying to keep your indoor plants alive is a surefire way to while away the days, so why not level up life in the slow lane with several new leafy additions to the family delivered right to your door. 


Flox sells their flowers flat packed in a box and provides instructions on how to put together an amazing bouquet together yourself. Perfect to brighten up your home or office. The flowers are bought fresh at the market every morning, and Flox provides free next day delivery Melbourne-wide so it's great for a last-minute gift idea. Send flowers, buy a subscription, or just have a browse on the Flox website.

The Plant Society

Know your Calathea Orbifolia from your Ceropegia? This one’s for the discerning plant enthusiast. The Plant Society know their way around botanicals and will willingly share their knowledge with the budding plant pro in us all. Along with a considered selection of leafy friends, you’ll find everything from plant literature to planters that’ll glow up your home—and given that you’re probably spending a lot of time within the confines, it’s probably not a bad idea to place an order.

Plants In A Box

With over 600 varieties, Plants In A Box is basically like the Chris & Marie's Plant Farm of the internet, except without the half-naked man in fairy wings. You can tap into several budget ranges or order up on the more obscure offerings; they also cover off outdoor plants for those going to town on their backyard. 

Hello Blooms

Anyone with an insatiable desire to get their plant fix right now should make their way to Hello Blooms immediately. Order before 1pm and your delivery will arrive that very same day provided you live in Melbourne’s inner ‘burbs. 

Right now, Hello Blooms is fully stocked in those Pinterest and IG-worthy indoor numbers, like that Swiss-cheese-looking monstera and the snake plant, aka Mother In Law’s tongue.

Jacob & Roy

The Devil’s (Ivy) is in the detail, and if you’re looking to gift someone a plant any time soon, this is the one. Jacob & Roy send you your plants in a signature box within planters you’re unlikely to find elsewhere; they’re also offering same-day delivery for those last-minute iso-pressies—though you should be well and truly prepared for Mother’s Day, right?

Pulp Kaktus

This humble plant-provider is making the cactus cool again, with one kitschy hessian-lined pot at a time. Step ahead of the trend and sort yourself with something spiky; succulents are also available for those who aren’t fans of sharp objects around the home. If you’ve had a history of neglecting your plant babies, place your orders here, because pretty much every plant on Pulp Kaktus is ridiculously easy to care for. 

Hello Botanical

Another for the gifters out there. Hello Botanical will package up your present and shoot it off to the receiver along with a message of your choice. The focus here is on low-maintenance plants that almost anyone can tend to, they also have a plant subscription service if you feel like treating yourself on the regular.


We’ve all seen those indoor Insta-plants that are so tall their leaves are dusting the ceilings, but it takes a lot of care, and a long time to get your greenery to that level. If that all sounds too much, get your eyes across the specialists in mature indoor plants, Bloomspace. The prices here are more substantial than other plant delivery services, but it’s a classic case of getting what you pay for in terms of the sheer size of what’s on offer.

All the gear but no idea? Here’s how to care for your indoor plants.

Image credit: Brina Blum | Unsplash

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