You Can Now Gift Your Friends Custom Street Art In Hosier Lane For Their Birthday

By Chloe Sputore
12th Jul 2018

Buying birthday presents is the f*cking worst. First, you have to figure out what the hell the gift recipient wants. Then you have to find the darn thing. And don’t even get us started on wrapping.

So, when we found out about GiftFlick we were more excited than a kid on a birthday cake high. This ground-breaking (and very, very Melbourne) new service allows you to gift unique, thoughtful and fun gifts with the tap of a finger—no trips to the shops or gift wrapping required. Plus, you can do it right from your phone, it only takes about two minutes and you don’t even have to buy a card. Life changing!

Here are some of the presents we’ll be gifting the next chance we get.

custom street art

Cards are so 2017, this year we’re sending all of our birthday love via street art. One of Melbourne’s fab street artists will write 25 characters or less on a wall in Hosier Lane. Here’s an idea to get you started… “HBD Steven, ILY. TTYL <3”.

cap and collar

Even the most hirsute hound (and bearded human) would love to receive this double whammy gift set from Hunter + Hound. Just be sure to add a note that the collar is for the dog and not the other way around…you never know.

tim tams

Headed on an extra-long holiday and don’t want your colleagues to hate you as you hand over all of your unfinished work? Gift them this crate of Tim Tams and tea and they’ll be singing your praises.


Forego the box of Roses this year and show your pal how much they mean to you with a block of chocolate designed by yours truly. First, choose the base, then the Wonka magic begins when you get to select up to five different toppings. Milk chocolate with peanut butter chips, Tim Tams and gummy bears sounds pretty good to us right about now. Go crazy!


We’ve all got a friend who thinks they’re a lot funnier than they are. This Online Stand-up Comedy Course is as much a gift to you as it is to them.

mi goreng

If someone doesn’t buy us a pallet of Mi Goreng noodles for Christmas we are not going to be happy chappies. 400 packets is a lot, but not when there are so many ways to pimp your noodles


Your BFF’s just gone through a break-up…what to do, what to do? I know, get them this Fries Before Guys coffee mug to show them they don’t need no man to make them happy.


Holy mother of moly a turntable for cats exists?! We’ve already bought five of these for our feline-loving friends, get yours here.


Any new parents out there will know that practically no-one (aside from the grandparents) ever offers to babysit your kiddos. Let your mates have it with this passive-aggressive reminder that’s 100% free.

dino tooth

Dinosaurs are hot right now, just ask Chris Pratt, and so is this Dinosaur Tooth (or at least we assume it will be at the time of publishing). Perhaps a hilarious gift for a pal who’s just had their wisdom teeth pulled?

Time to get gifting, check out GiftFlick for more ideas!

Editor's Note: This article was produced in partnership with GiftFlick. To find out more about who we work with (and why!), read our editorial policy here.

Image credit: Supplied

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