Melbourne’s Manliest Meals

By Ella Stening
26th Aug 2013

It's hard to be creative on Father's Day. It's hard to be creative on your anniversary. It's hard to be creative when you're buying a present, nay, anything, for the most important men in your life. You always end up buying the same thing, vowing you'll do something cool next year, or for his birthday, but it all kind of ends up like a New Year's resolution. As you all (should) know, Father's Day is this Sunday, and we reckon you could do something a little more sincere this year.  

We at The Urban List are all about dining out, so we've decided that, instead of resorting to that last minute DJs voucher yet again, you're going to take him out for a meal to celebrate all things good about being, well, manly. 

This is a roundup of the Melbourne's finest dude food joints, perfect for a Father's Day outing / date with your boy / catch up with your bro. Put on your bib and vice grip your steak knife, because things are about to get barbecued, slathered in condiments, and potentially leave you grasping for the top button of your jeans. We may recommend a lemon detox afterwards, but the smile on his dial will make it all worth it.  

For Big Poppa - MEATMOTHER

Be prepared to embrace your inner T-Rex when you book your table at Meatmother. From bacon-infused cocktails, to meat trays of melt-in-your-mouth brisket, tender pulled pork and juicy, crunchy ribs that look like they came from a woolly mammoth, you'll feel a tiny bit Barney Rubble after you leave. Wash it all down with a man beverage from their list of fine whiskeys and bourbons, and gaze upon the somewhat sinful artworks as you sink into your meat-induced delirium. It's better to come with a group to share the carnivorous love around, so bring your Dad, your brother and partner along. 

Where: Meatmother | 167 Swan Street in Richmond 

Contact: 03 9041 5393


'Hey baby let's just stay in tonight. I want to have a beer, watch a movie and get a pizza.' Err, no! You're going to Shawcross, and your idea of pizza and beer will never be the same after the amount of enjoyment you'll experience there. Surrounded by big graphics and pumping beats, it's all got a tinge of New York to it, what with their 'by-the-slice' mentality, and the take-away (or dine in) 12" pan style pizzas. This is also a good spot to take your man if you want to escape the dude food – you can grab a 'Kick Ass Salad' full of healthy salady bits. There's also a pizza challenge here for the person who can eat a 22" pizza in the shortest amount of time – you win free slices and a t-shirt! 

Where: Shawcross Pizza | 324 Brunswick Street in Fitzroy

Contact: 03 9419 9596

For your Little Bro - GAMI

Does Junior like KFC? Do you wish you didn't have to keep going to KFC? Well, GAMI is the delicious and atmospheric alternative. Tucked in a light, modern space in the CBD, GAMI is all about making your average chicken experience a crunchy, herby, spicy and tasty experience. Get a half chicken Korean-style with cabbage salad and radish pickles, choose from their beers on tap, and share a night with your little bro enjoying food he once thought only obtainable from the Colonel. 

Where: GAMI | 100 Little Lonsdale Street in Melbourne 

Contact: 03 9671 3232

For your Big Bro - KODIAK CLUB

What is it with men and bourbon? There's something about that amber liquid that resonates amongst the testosterone fuelled – and what better way to accommodate this than a trip to Melbourne's only bourbon bar, The Kodiak Club. Once you've perused over forty bourbons and made an appropriate choice, grab one of  the street-side tables and tuck into some man-pleasing food, like chilli con carne or the McPork – boneless barbecue pork with homemade bbq sauce, pickled peppers and slaw, served on a sesame seed bun. 

Where: 272 Brunswick Street in Fitzroy 

Contact: 03 9417 3733

For your Boy Friends (without benefits) - MISTY'S DINER

Misty's keeps the all-American ethos that 'bigger is better' very close to their heart in their themed diner in Prahran. The menu is not for the faint hearted, offering just about anything you can associate with American dining. Dig into Animal Fries (thick cut fries covered in thousand island dressing, onions and nacho cheese) and a Deputy Dog (10" hotdog covered in pulled pork, onions and cheese), or the infamous Misty's American Style Burger (American cheese, sautéed onions, bacon, lettuce, pickles, egg and Misty's sauce). It's a total cliché, but a definite crowd pleaser; perfect for the gal who's one of the boys. 

Where: Misty's Diner | 103-105 High Street in Prahran

Contact: 03 9510 1959

Image credit: The Village Voice

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