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21 Epic Play Dates For Grown-Ups

By Nina Franklin
30th Jan 2018

21 Epic Playdates For Grown Ups

Remember when your mum used to tell you not to grow up too fast? “Enjoy being a kid!” she’d say and you were all like…“yeah, yeah mum.” Well, we bet you wish you had listened to her now, because let’s face it, sometimes being an adult sucks! With all the pressures and responsibilities that come along with being a grown-up, sometimes you just gotta take off your adult hat and indulge your inner kid.

So, to help you do just that, we’ve come up with 20 play date ideas for you and your pals, that will have you forgetting about your day-to-day stresses and feeling like a big little kid in no time.

So, leave the kids at home, shut that laptop and go and have some fun. Go on, you deserve it!

#1 Laser Tag

Nothing gets the LOL’s rolling out quite like running around a room decked in armour and shooting at your mates with laser guns. Luckily for us, Auckland has a bunch of laser tag establishments. You can check them out here, here and here!

#2 Tree Adventures

Not only is this activity super fun but it’s great exercise and will test your hand-eye coordination, too! Tree Adventures courses range from three to 14-metres off the ground and are set to get the blood pumping. Head out to West Auckland’s Woodhill Forest to check it out.

#3 Odyssey Sensory Maze

Tucked away in the basement of the Metro building on Auckland’s Queen Street is Odyssey Sensory Maze, a super fun and interactive journey. The maze will challenge all of your senses as you make your way through different rooms. Check them out here!

#4 Escape Rooms

This physical adventure game is another great idea for a group date with your pals. You’ll be put into a locked room and to solve a series of puzzles in order to escape. These rooms are fun, interactive, get your brain pumping and Auckland has many to experience! 

#5 Karaoke

Who doesn’t love a bit of karaoke—especially after a cocktail or two?! Hit up The Vodka Room, for starters. It’s classy, has great food AND has more than 150 different types of vodka behind the bar! This place is guaranteed to set you up for a super fun night out! Or, make your way through our list of the best places for karaoke in Auckland. 

#6 Spookers

Keen for a bit of a scare? Situated out in the former psychiatric hospital, Kingseat, you’ll find Spookers, a super fun but super scary haunted house attraction. Spookers will get the screams happening, the blood pumping and all the LOL’s for sure.

#7 Fly A Jet

Ever wanted to fly a plane? Well, now you can…well, kind of! Fly A Jet Flight simulator is an Auckland attraction where you can sit in a simulator and feel like you’re flying a real-life plane with realistic day and night-time visuals as well as real-time weather and flight condition reports. And the best part? No experience necessary!

#8 Virtual Reality Studio

Fancy yourself a bit of a gamer? Get your buds together and check out the Virtual Reality Studio, where you can choose different rooms with different gaming experiences, including virtual reality headset games and a retro room-filled with ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s era games!

#9 Blastacars

Another one to get the blood pumping. Unlike other go carts, Blastacars are designed to be drifted., Hand crafted and are super-fast, it’s perfect for the adrenaline junkie in you.

#10 Comedy Night

Laughter certainly is the best medicine and the perfect way to de-stress from all of those adult responsibilities. For a fun night out with your pals, head into the city, grab a bite to eat and a drink (of course) then head on in for one of the Comedy Club’s comedy nights. They’re a laugh and a half!

#11 Rainbows End Night Sessions

Grab your friend and head along to the funnest place in Auckland…… Rainbows End. And, if you’re wanting to avoid large school groups and loooooong waits in lines, then check out one of their night sessions for all the action after dark!

#12 Sky Screamer Reverse Bungy

We’ve all seen it catapulting people into imminent fear on the corner of Victoria and Albert Street….so why not pluck up the courage to actually try the Sky Screamer Reverse Bungy? What better way than to make you lose your shit and feel like a big little kid all over again. Check it out here.

#13 Bungy Jumping

Another one for adrenaline junkies. Bungy jumping off the Harbour Bridge is the perfect adult play date for you and your bud. What better way than to unleash your inner child and forget about all the stresses of adult life than facing your fears and throwing yourself off a bridge? Go on, we dare ya!

#14 Sky Diving

And if you’re going to bungy jump, then why not take it a step further and jump out of a plane? Sky diving is a must-do for everyone. So, pluck up the courage and give it a try. It might just be the ideal way to make you forget about your adult woes and we can guarantee you’ll have so much fun doing it!

#15 Ponsonby Pool Hall

Beers and pool. It’s a simple yet easy way to take a load off and have some fun with your mates. Open seven days a week and open late, duck in after a long day at work. Check them out here.

#16 Paintball

Paintball is another adventure game that promises to get the adrenaline pumping and the laughter flowing and with plenty of adventure courses scattered around Auckland, you’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice. Take a group of friends and get amongst it with a paintball adventure! Check out the options here, here and here.

#17 Arena 149

This is a simulated military action game, set across a 2000-square-foot warehouse space in West Auckland. Another great way to unleash your inner child and what’s more fun than running around, shooting at your mates!? Check them out here.

#18 Cork And Canvas

If you’re not so much of an adrenaline junkie and looking for a little more relaxed mate date, then check out Cork and Canvas! It’s a paint and wine night, where you can drink to your heart’s content while unleashing your inner artist. Auckland’s Cork and Canvas nights are hosted at REC bar in Britomart.

#19 24-Hour Driving Range

Feelin’ a bit frustrated? Why not head out to the 24-hour driving range and bash some balls around!? It’s a wonderful way to de-stress and have a laugh with your mates at the same time.

#20 Go White Water Rafting

Get your adrenaline pumping at Vector Wero in Manukau. The epic whitewater park offers white water rafting, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding. It’s also home to an exhilarating 4.5-metre waterfall and guess what? You can totally raft down it!

#21 AWOL Adventures

Our final pick for your fun-filled adult playdate is AWOL Adventures. This canyoning adventure is in Piha and has different levels with abseils, jumps, caves and waterfalls to explore. You can choose to do a half day, a full day or a night time trip, with gear and training included.


Image Credit: Megazone Mt. Wellington 

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