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11 Activities To Do This Weekend To Unleash Your Inner Big Kid

By Chloe Sputore
12th Jan 2018

Occasionally, even the most sophisticated, matured, ripe beings among us require a break from literature, fine red wine and electrifying rounds of chess.

(We’ve been on a break for the last fifteen years).

If you’ve been trawling Google for activities that will leave any resemblance of adulthood in the dust, you’ve come to the right place, friend. We teamed up with Ford to bring you all the activities to do this weekend if you’re basically just a giant kid (their Ford Escape makes a pretty good non-imaginary bestie).

And like an unsupervised two-year-old in a candy store, once you get started on this list, you’ll never want to stop.

#1 Have A Ball At Paintball

Equal parts fun and painful, Perth is home to some killer paintball action. There’s Paintball Skirmish in the Swan Valley, which looks like a scene from the end of the world so you can really feel the part when you’re shooting at your mates, and Delta Force Paintball in Baldivis and Muchea which offers fields dressed like Guantanamo Bay, Egypt and the wild west.

#2 Swap Snow For Sand

While we don’t have snow, WA is home to some pretty speccy sand dunes in Lancelin and they make for the perfect backdrop to go sandboarding. Around a 90-minute drive from Perth, grab a sand board, body board or esky lid, work on your quads climbing the dune and then let your inner kid squeal all the way down.

#3 Go Go Karting

Forget Mario Kart (for a day) and relive your favourite childhood video game IRL. Kart World Belmont and Indoor Kart in O’Connor offer karts for all abilities, all that’s left to do is round up your mates and challenge them to a race!

#4 Climb Some (Really Big) Trees

Missed your chance at being a Scout or Brownie in primary school? We’ve got you covered! The Trees Adventure at Lane Pool Park is just an hour’s drive from Perth and requires no iPhone’s if you’re keen for a bit of a social media blackout (we know we are). There are nine long courses, over 80 challenges for varying levels of ability (and fears of heights) and 23 flying foxes including one which is 100 metres long. 

#5 Enjoy Inflation Of The Fun Variety

An inflatable water park off the crystal clear Thompson Bay at Rottnest or the Western Foreshore in Mandurah, where do we sign up? Virtually It’s A Knockout on water, the Just 4 Fun Aqua Park is made up of slides, obstacle courses and a volleyball court (yes, on water). We can’t think of a better way to escape the daily grind of adulthood!

#6 Treat Yourself To Some Theme Park Action

Perth is pretty much the furthest you can get away from the most magical place on earth (aka Walt Disney World), so Adventure World is the big kid’s next best bet. And it’s a great thing they’ve recently added a spook-tacular new ride to their repertoire, the Abyss, which has been named Australia’s best rollercoaster. Hire a poolside cabana and have fun hitting the slides and rides.

#7 Set Your Sights On The Sky

It’s just about every kids’ dream to be able to fly and, as big kids, skydiving is about as close to it as we’ll be able to get. One of the best companies that allows you to fall with style (as Woody in Toy Story calls it) is Skydive Geronimo and they offer dives off Rottnest and Busselton for some of the most spectacular views of beaches and turquoise waters.

#8 Unleash Your Inner Speed Demon

If you like driving (and you definitely will if you’re driving a Ford) then you’ll love the Rally School’s adrenaline-filled driving experiences. Whether you’d prefer to be driven by one of the expert rally drivers or take the wheel yourself for some bog laps, Rally School’s got you covered.

#9 Dance In The Dark

Sadly once we reach early adulthood most of us become self-conscious when it comes to dancing. Thankfully No Lights No Lycra was created to ease us back into our dancing shoes once more. You can truly dance like no one is watching, lights, alcohol and judgement free as the DJs spin their magic.

#10 Feel The Need For Speed(boating)

You can leave your phone at home for this one folks, because you’re going to get wet! Catch bulk thrills on one of West Coast Jet’s Ocean Encounters where you’ll fishtail, spin and speed through the open waters off the coast of Fremantle.

#11 Get A Hole In One With Cocktail In Hand

Mini golf with a side of cocktails served in trophies, woodfired pizza and, most-of-all, fun—we can’t believe we didn’t think of this ourselves! Holey Moley Golf Club is the latest sensation that’s taking Perth by storm and big kids are going to want to sign themselves up for the 27 themed holes ASAP.

Image credit: Louise Coghill

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