20 Thoughts You Have In Line For Your Morning Coffee

By Emily St John - 01 Sep 2018

Coffee, we can’t live without it. But any regular #coffeesnob knows what joining that line in the morning feels like: your heart rate goes up, your hands start to tremble and all basic manners go out the window.

We’re hard-pressed to find a grumpier crowd than the line at our local coffee shop at 8:00 a.m. on a Monday morning. And our mates at ANZ get that the pre-coffee struggle is real. Which is why they’ve just released their slick new ANZ BladePay™ device, which together with the right POS vendor app can bring super simple payments and shorter queues to cafes right around Australia.Wish your morning coffee experience could be this smooth? It can with ANZ BladePay™.

“Is that person seriously just buying a bottle of water? Who waits ten minutes in a line just to buy a bottle of water?!”

“Maybe I should just buy a bag of these beans so I can make coffee at home every day.”

“I can’t believe it’s already Monday again. This seriously can’t be happening to me.”

“What is taking so long? How can it take this long to pour coffee into a cup? Is he checking his phone? HE IS CHECKING HIS PHONE.”

“I’m going to order an almond croissant. I deserve it.”

“If I just pretend to be dead I wonder if my boss would come looking for me.”

“Was that almond milk? I feel like that wasn’t almond milk.”

"I don’t understand how that person can have a conversation this early in the morning?”

“Is she pushing in? I’m going to say something.” *Says nothing*

“Today is the day I’m going to start ordering green tea.”

“I’ve literally been standing in this line for 25 minutes.” *Checks phone and confirms it’s been two minutes*

“I definitely ordered before that person. Did they forget about me? They definitely forgot about me.”

"If I add caramel to my skim latte it’s still healthy, right?”

“What do you mean you don’t have quinoa, flax, oat, potato, or sunflower milk?”

“That’s not my name. Nopeeeeeee, that’s not my name.”

“Maybe next time I’ll skip the line and order on my app.”

“Deep breath. I can handle this line for a few more minutes.”

“Did that guy just call it a Grande? This is not Starbucks mate. Educate yourself.”

“Wait, why is the barista going out the back?! No. Please. Come back!”

“OMG he remembered my name. I’ve made it.”

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Disclaimer: Eligibility criteria, terms and conditions, fees and charges apply to ANZ BladePay™ and third party apps developed by POS vendors. Use and potential benefits of ANZ BladePay™ require an app built by a POS vendor with appropriate functionality. ANZ is not responsible for apps developed by third parties.

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