21 Extremely Perth Things That Happened In 2017

By Anna Franklyn
21st Dec 2017

perth 2016

Oh what a year it has been Perthlings. Trump was sworn in, Prince Harry was officially taken off the market and Australia FINALLY passed the same sex marriage laws. But what happened in good ol' Perth? Quite a lot really.

  1. We decided movies + rooftops + hot tubs = goals.
  2. 10 trucks crashed into the Bayswater bridge. Will they never learn?
  3. Raclette was the key to living our best life.
  4. We got our own cheese bar.
  5. And our own cheese club.
  6. Oh, and we found halloumi fries. What a cheesy year!
  7. Perth's latest and great outdoor venue, the Ice Cream Factory, popped up.
  8. Lindt gave away 400kg of free chocolate.
  9. We found out Rottnest was getting a glamping eco-retreat.
  10. Nutella loaded fries landed.
  11. A Spice Girls sing-a-long gave us life.
  12. These Perth-only pick up lines upped your chat game significantly.
  13. We all went nuts over a ninja warrior course.
  14. We got to drink cocktails on the beach at Coast.
  15. UberVino made us fall in love with the Swan Valley again.
  16. Perth's first dessert bar opened (and brought with it an entire espresso martini menu).
  17. Halford served an espresso martini in a Sue Lewis chocolate orb and please bring it back.
  18. We flipped out over Cos finally arriving in Perth.
  19. Holey Moley FINALLY opened.
  20. Some legends down south started running dog-friendly wine tours
  21. And let's not forget we got over smashed avo (not really) and became obsessed with avocado burgers.

In case you want more, 2017 was also a pretty big year for new restaurants, new bars and new cafes opening in P-town!

Image credit: Elle Borgward

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