25 Potential Names For The Barna-baby

By Urban List Writers
13th Feb 2018


Forget Stormi, the baby trending all over our social feeds this week hasn’t even be born yet. Oh hey there, Barna-baby.

No matter how this tot got here, and through no fault of their own, they’re well on their way (home stretch you could say). Given the media storm surrounding their upcoming birth, we figured Barnaby has a few things on his mind (like job security) to be worried about simpler things, like naming his newborn.

So we’ve gone ahead and done Barnaby a solid, compiling a list of baby names so he doesn’t have to.

  1. Jones
  2. Pistol
  3. Boo
  4. Jnr
  5. Johnny
  6. Malcolm
  7. Jandals
  8. Tony
  9. Or Tones 
  10. Donnie Brasco
  11. ACT—names of all his fave ex-pms—Arthur (Fadden), Chris (Watson), Tony (Abbott)
  12. Sanctity
  13. Chastity 
  14. Stormi
  15. Amber
  16. Gilbert Grape
  17. Citizen
  18. Pineapple lump
  19. Chilly Bin
  20. Joyce
  21. Canberra
  22. Jack Sparrow
  23. Russell
  24. Lorde
  25. Jermaine

All of a sudden feel like reading up on some Aussie Kiwi slang? Look no further.

Design credit: The Urban List

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