30 Things You Can Do In Perth For $1

By Chloe Sputore
20th Jul 2016

30 Things You Can Do In Perth For $1

Whattup stinges of Perth! We totally feel your stingy pain. While it’s one of the coolest cities in the world to live in, Perth can be pretty dang expensive, especially if you love wining and dining as much as we do.

Thankfully, we’re quite masterful at the stingy ways and have come up with 30 things you can do in Perth for $1—which means if you have $30 handy, you can do them all!

  1. Slam down a $1 oyster at Brooklyn Lounge on Fridays between 4pm and 7pm.
  2. Scoop up a dollar’s worth of chocolate covered nuts at Kakulus Brothers in Northbridge. (Hint: pick the cheapest one).
  3. Visit the Art Gallery of WA. While payment on entry is not compulsory, they love it when you throw a gold coin their way.
  4. Check out the Fremantle Roundhouse and get even more bang for your buck by visiting around 1pm when the canon is fired.
  5. Find a busker and toss a gold shiny one their way.
  6. Pick up a $1 cup of coffee from a 7-Eleven near you. It may not be hipster quality, but it’s a dollar so can you really complain?
  7. Send a letter to your Aussie pen pal. The only perk of Australia Post increasing their stamp prices is the reduction of annoying 5 cent pieces.
  8. While you won’t be able to go behind bars, entry to the Fremantle Prison Gatehouse is FREE. Or you could just do something bad and go to real prison for no cost at all!
  9. Slurp on a small miso soup from Taka’s Kitchen.
  10. Grab a one buck movie rental from a Hoyts Kiosk near you.
  11. Find your stingiest buddy and go halfsies in a serving of Prawn Crackers from Chin Grish.
  12. Chuck your buck into a conservation box at the Perth Zoo and make the animals happy!
  13. Spend a few cents of petrol driving to your nearest Maccas and order a large frozen Coke for one buckaroo.
  14. Scab $1.30 (ok we’ve gone over budget here) from a stranger and score a handcrafted chocolate from Koko Black.
  15. Head to Pinchos and score one of the $1 pintxos they have on offer.
  16. See if the kiddos at Lush can cut you off a bucks worth of soap and have a sweet smelling shower!
  17. If you’re feeling particularly lazy, pay your friends' kid a dollar to go and fetch you your half drunk bottle of wine.
  18. We usually recommend eating Subway cookies in threes, but if $1 is all you have, you can still get one. Choose wisely (white chocolate macadamia is the only right choice).
  19. Download the Publican Group App and score yourself $20 of credit for free, then head straight to the restaurant at The Aviary and order the $21 smoky BBQ pizza. Best use of $1 ever?
  20. Visit the Western Australian Museum Shipwreck Galleries in Fremantle. The suggested entry donation is $5, but just explain that you’re poor as you hand your dollar over.
  21. Place a $1 bet at Crown Casino and hope for the best.
  22. Nab yourself a tasty pickled onion for a buck from Lures in Alfred Cove (and while you’re there try to pinch a chip off a stranger).
  23. Go to Mecca and get them to test makeup on you for free. Make sure you act like you’re actually going to buy something and then run. Sneaky!
  24. Pick up a bargain at a second hand shop (I know someone who got a Lululemon top for $1—whaaaaat?!).
  25. Sign up to The Terrace’s members list and head there on your birthday for a FREE meal. YESSS!
  26. Pay it forward and donate a dollar of your change at your local cafe to the next person who’s short on change.
  27. Grab as many lollies, chocolate, nuts or tea that $1 allows at Claremont’s Liquorice Gourmet Foods.
  28. Join Lululemon’s Perth Run Collective for a free run and put your buck towards some new activewear instead!
  29. Grab a pack of mi goreng noodles from your local supermarket—you’ll even come out a few cents ahead!
  30. Head to your fave ice cream shop or gelataria and ask to try a bunch of different flavours before you feign an emergency and GTFO. You can always chuck a $1 in the tip jar if you’re feeling guilty.

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Image credit: Louise Coghill

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