Veg Out | The Best Restaurants In Perth For Vegetarians

By Ella Liascos
25th Mar 2017

Try to think of more than five completely vegetarian restaurants in Perth and we bet you’ll be stumped at number three. While there are a few dedicated vegetarian joints that even your die-hard carnivorous friends will want to get around, there are also plenty of Perth restaurants that serve a good selection of quality vegetarian food.

With more and more of our mates shunning meat, we thought we'd better search out the best restaurants in Perth for vegetarians. So here you go!

The Prophet

Victoria Park

Being vegetarian is surely synonymous with loving hummus and falafels and The Prophet in Vic Park happens to know a thing or two about making dreamy Lebanese food. With heaps of other vego options including deep fried cauliflower, eggplant, cabbage rolls, spinach ladies fingers, bean dishes and plenty of meat dishes to sustain your carnivorous friends. Come one, come all! 

The Raw Kitchen


Vegans and vegetarians everywhere rejoiced the opening of The Raw Kitchen just a couple of years ago and it’s been a reliable choice for a good vegetarian feed ever since. They do a huge amount of amazing raw food including live pizza, zucchini pasta, raw nachos plus a few cooked food options like their yellow coconut curry and roasted brussel sprouts with chipotle cashew mayo.



Open every day between 6 and 9pm, this vegetarian restaurant with a view has prime real estate on the Barrack Street Jetty overlooking the Swan River. Annalakshmi runs on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis and the kitchen is run entirely by volunteers. They serve only vegetarian Indian food and it's freakin' delish—so don't be a d*ck when it comes time to pay.



This Hare Krishna restaurant in the heart of Northbridge will keep both your belly and your pockets full with their vegetarian Indian buffet style food. At Govinda's you can get a quick hearty meal of dahl, rice, pappadums and vegetable curry for not much more than $10 a plate—and they let you come back for seconds!

The Jolly Pig


This little restaurant is 100% vegan and makes a point of serving comfort food to prove that you don’t need to live off salads for the rest of your days. The Jolly Pig does all your favourite comfort foods like pizzas, burgers and fries, and they even doughnuts which are completely plant-based.

Lord of the Fries


These guys make it their mission to provide hangover food for vegans and passers-by who didn’t quite realise what they were getting themselves into. PETA approved restaurant  Lord of the Fries does everything from vegan loaded poutine fries to a range of burgers which includes their signature “chick’n” and “phish” burgers—and while we’re not entirely sure what “veg phish” is, our minds and bellies are open to the possibilities in the name of livin’ the cruelty free life.

Veggie Mama

Mount Lawley

The team behind Veggie Mama are proud purveyors of vegetarian cuisine and their glowing reputation is well documented around Perth. You’ll find delicious things like black pepper tofu, Moroccan ragout and roasted butternut gnocchi on their dinner menu and most of it is also vegan and dairy free.   

Aisuru Sushi


The perfect compromise for the plant-based and meat enthusiasts, Aisuru Sushi provides an extensive list of delicious vegan sushi. From their petite avocado, cucumber or tomato maki to the crunchy buddha’s delight roll and their magic mushroom roll—we love that vegan sushi wasn’t an afterthought at this popular Northbridge haunt.

Karanaki’s Raw Food Kitchen


Karanaki's Raw Food Kitchen in the Freo markets dishes out some pretty amazing raw food options. From their raw pizza and kale chips to bliss balls and other raw treats for dessert, you'll be a happy little vegemite once you're done here. 

Health Freak Cafe

Various Locations

Dedicated to serving the cleanest and healthiest food possible, Health Freak Cafe makes some pretty delicious vegetarian dinners. Highlights include their raw pad thai, chickpea, spinach quinoa and sweet potato lasagne and their paleo vegan burger range.

Want more? Check out these vegan friendly cafes.

The Raw Kitchen | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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