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Meet Perth’s New Adult Playground Hidden In An Abandoned Castle

By Jessica Best
13th Dec 2018

Our pals at the old Perth Girls School (the place that turned into a boutique cinema last winter) have partnered with A Midnight Visit to bring Perth a unique immersive theatre for those who are keen to step outside their comfort zone. 

Think 34 rooms stretched over the once abandoned school. It’s part choose-your-own-adventure, part film-set, part performance, part sound-world and part bloody playground. There is a church with a millennial pink ball pit (yes, you can dive in). There's a neon forest, a creepy hotel, a mysterious king and a whole lot of scary veiled ladies. 

This real-life fantasy is set inside a legendary man’s dreams (he went by the name of Edgar Allan Poe and if you paid attention at all in high school, you’d know he wrote some of history’s most chilling tales) which means themes will revolve around madness, guilt, death and memory. And yes, sometimes it’s a touch scary (but you’ll also get some laughs out of this one) not to mention it draws some inspiration from Stranger Things and New York's iconic immersive theatre experience Sleep No More and we are so here for it.

In an abandoned school takeover (try and name something cooler, we dare you), the space will temporarily see the talent of a bunch of artists, sound designers, set designers and video game makers come together to make some magic.

Oh, and it's worth noting that there’s a safe space to quench your thirst at the end, called ‘The Ravens Rest’ (an ode to one of Edgar’s poems) which is a bespoke pop-up bar where you can have a well earned drink. 

It's coming directly from Sydney where it's sold out, so needless to say, grab your tickets for the Perth show here.

The Details

What: A Midnight Visit
When: 24 January to 3 March 2019
Where: Girls School, 2 Wellington Street East Perth
Cost: $46 - $82 per person (plus booking fee)
Duration: 60 - 75 minutes

Image credit: Anna Kucera.

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