This Perth ‘Burb Is Going Totally Plastic Free Over The Next 12 Months

By Reyam Ghanim
10th Oct 2018

Spread the word girls and boys, Bassendean is making moves to become the first WA community to go plastic free, hoorah!

The City of Bassendean is teaming up with the legends at Boomerang Alliance to implement a Communities Taking Control (CTC) program that plans to ensure the banning of single use plastic bags, and we honestly couldn’t be more excited.

So, what makes this program different from all the rest? CTC focuses on engaging directly with businesses, events, markets and organisations, encouraging them to make the switch and completely ditch those nasty single-use items and reduce the community’s plastic footprint.

The program plans to run for twelve months and will provide local businesses with the support they need to ensure a sustainable future with ZERO single-use plastic #whatadream.

While it’s no surprise that the program was a huge success in the first three locations over east (Byron Bay—of course—Noosa and Wollongong) it’s super awesome to hear that the WA Waste Authority gave the green light to bring the program to the shores of WA.

Hoping to turn their vision of going completely plastic free into a reality, the mayor of Bassendean is encouraging all residents to support the program and get behind local businesses taking the steps to reduce plastic pollution.

We hear that they estimate to eliminate over thirty thousand single-use plastic items in less than a year – so bust out your keep cups and metal straws because we reckon this initiative is one that will stick.

Been living under a rock and have no idea what we’re talking about? Read this.

Image credit: Elle Borgward

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