5 Podcasts For Health And Wellbeing To Listen To Right Now

By Sophia Richardson
14th Nov 2017


We can’t get enough of podcasts. Mainly because we just can’t get #educated and #inspired fast enough (see ya later, books). 

We’ve done the hard work (and listening) for you guys and compiled the 5 best podcasts about health and wellbeing to download right now. These bad boys will have you feeling zen and balanced in no time. 

From talks on nutrition to science, relationships and (of course) happiness, these health and wellbeing podcasts will have you mastering the art of being the balanced adult your mother knows you are.  

Soul On Fire

For the most p-e-r-f-e-c-t podcast of 2017, you’re going to want to check out Soul On Fire, hosted by The Balanced Blonde (we like her already), Jordan. Jordan interviews her own friends on all things blogging, businesses, nutrition and keeping your passions alive. But most importantly, her podcasts discuss how the hell to balance all the important things in your life without turning into a big hot mess. 

Bulletproof Radio

We're warning you now—you might spend the rest of your day trying to decide which podcast to choose from the Bulletproof Radio list. World-class experts come together with a mighty big bunch of topics to choose from, like how to improve your overall wellbeing by focusing on your gut, or how to use humour and take yourself less seriously to improve your life. From funny to nerdy, Bulletproof Radio will educate and entertain your damn socks off.

Up For A Chat

This podcast is like listening in on a convo that you wish you could be a part of. Three ahhh-mazing women discuss how to live life to the max and be more positive, as well as touching on all the good stuff like relationships, healthiness and mindsets. If you need a little morning boost to get you through the day, Up For A Chat can help for sure. 

ABC Health Report

Since science is one of the most important things ever, the ABC Health Report podcast helps bring together big topics like health and medicine into manageable (and damn interesting) bite-sized chunks. If you’re wondering whether kale has any benefits what-so-ever, or if multivitamins are worth the $49 price tag (if we’re just peeing them out), the ABC Health Report is the podcast for you. 

Good Life Project

We like being happy, but when it’s a 15-degree rainy morning on the way to work, we may need a little extra hand. This is where the Good Life Project podcast comes in. The weekly podcast covers all the wellness topics you can think of—creativity, passion, success, happiness, purpose and meaning. If you’re looking for that extra push, or some more info on how to live better, this podcast will not disappoint. 

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Image credit: Brooke Lark

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