Where To Find The Best Hot Dogs In Perth

By Kirsty Petrides
5th Dec 2017

How good are hot dogs? They’re tasty, comforting and remind us of childhood birthday parties. If you’re after a hit of nostalgia, and some deliciousness as well, here’s where to get some of Perth’s best hot dogs.

Run Amuk

 South Fremantle

When a place has hot dog options like The Ninja (bratwurst, guacamole, teriyaki, pineapple relish, pickled ginger and Japanese mayo) and The Rukus (premium bratwurst, chili and lime sambal, crispy prosciutto, spinach, cheddar, sour cream and jalapenos) you can be confident they know a thing or two about making good dogs.

Johnny’s Burger Joint

Canning Vale

This suburban spot is famous for its burgers, but they also offer some stellar hot dogs. Johnny's Burger Joint has got the classic, but we reckon go for the Philly cheese steak hot dog—grilled beef, topped with peppers, onions, mushrooms, melted American cheese all inside a long hot dog bun.

Brooklyn Lounge


This US-inspired eatery has hot dogs like the classic New Yorker with bratwurst, tomato, cheese and mustard; as well as creative options like the Mac Daddy, with sausage, mac and cheese, caramelized onion and bacon. Plus, on Wednesday nights at Brooklyn Lounge its Hot Dogs and Hip Hop night, with dogs starting from just $10.

Wassup Dog

East Perth & Fremantle

So many hot dog options, including vegan and gluten free varieties. We recommend going for The Frenchman – homemade beef sausage, WA cheddar, goats cheese, camembert and apricot jam. It’s like a fancy dog.



Not only does Frank'd dish up great hot dogs (like The Scooby Doo, for example—your choice of sausage with melted cheddar, brie and parmesan cheese) they also hand deliver to Frisk Small Bar, so you can enjoy a dog and gin. Is there anything better than that? No. No there is not.

Lord of the Fries


Yes, they obviously specialise in fries but Lord Of The Fries in Perth also does a couple of mean hot dogs including the old faithful Chicago-style dog—veg sausage, piled high with crunchy pickle, relish, peppers, a generous drizzle of mustard and a dusting of celery salt.

Varsity Bar


There are loads of dogs to choose from on this menu, but if you want our hot tip, order yourself the Chilli Dawg—a footlong Vienna filled with chilli beef, diced onions and house cheese whip.

East Village


Ain’t no place to get a classic American hot dog like New York inspired spot, East Village. They dish up a classic Americana hot dog with sausage, chilli beef, onion and cheese sauce.

The Bratwurst Bar


Located within the Fremantle Markets is The Bratwurst Bar, an obvious choice if you’re after a hot dog. Serving authentic German Bratwurst sausages made from pork and veal, Kransky sausages made from smoked beef, curry sausages and garlic sausages, this where all your hot dog dreams come true.



Burgermeister means business when it comes to hot dogs, only using sausages sourced from authentic German butchers. Their eight inch bratwursts are served in soft rolls and come with a range of options, but we command you to order The Blue—the aforementioned sausage and bun topped with blue cheese, caramelised onions, barbeque sauce and sour cream.

Alfred’s Kitchen


Alfred’s is a burger institution, but let’s not forget they’re also known for doing a top-notch hot dog. They specialise in the classic, with a bun filled with sausage, onions and cheese. 

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Run Amuk | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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