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By Urban List Writers
3rd Jun 2016

Donald Trump is going all The-Faceless-God on us, and will probably make us all wear his face as a mask as he slowly takes over the world. #acitizenhasnoname

Even Kim Jong-Un is a fan of Trump. If these two people get in a room together I'm 100% out.

If you have fake boobs, do not approach ever approach a kangaroo because this might just happen…

Adele screws up on stage and her reaction is exactly why we love her so much more than Taylor Swift.

This Chinese washing detergent ad is perhaps the most racist thing you will see this week, and the company's care factor is a whopping 0%.

Try the new meatlovers pizza: bacon, pepperoni, ham and wrinkled testicle. Available in store and for delivery.

There's this thing called an aqua physical which involves doing cardio whilst floating on a inflatable board in a pool full of other equally uncoordinated people. Seriously what are these people smoking and where can I get some?

Um will the real Slim Shady please stand up? AKA David Schwimmer, AKA the greatest undercover rapper of all time.

OK LADIES NOW LET'S GET IN FORMATION: This Chinese drag queen destroyed the internet after this extremely raunchy casual grocery trip.

My exercise routine consists of me walking on the treadmill, then telling everyone I went on a 5km run. Others, such as GoT's The Mountain, prefer to pull 17-ton trucks.

The internet jumped the shark this week over Melbourne's deconstructed coffee. We think this is probably worse. Or better?

Image Credit: Written by: Michelle Liu

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