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The Best Places To Drink Bubbly In Perth

By Sarah Joanna Pope
12th Aug 2016

Bad breakup? Champagne. New job? Champagne. Tuesday? Champagne.

Whether you’re commiserating or celebrating, a glass of bubbly is always the answer.

And to help you unite those special moments in life with the world’s most romantic tipple, we’ve rounded up the best places in Perth to drink bubbly.

The Reveley

Elizabeth Quay

Enjoy a sparkling on the Swan at the gor-jus The Reveley at Elizabeth Quay. It’s the fizzy solution to all your weekday woes.

Must Wine Bar


They love this effervescent drink so much they’ve dedicated a whole room to it. Head to Must Wine Bar and get the girlish giggles over their impressive list of vintage, non-vintage and prestige bubbly.

Whisper Wine Bar


Sometimes after a hard week you just need to unwind with a bit of champers in a French chateau. And while we don’t all have a private jet waiting to take us there (because life is unfair), the charming Whisper Wine Bar in Freo will provide a convincing local substitute.

Lamont’s Wine Store


Sip on some Bolli or dominate some Dom at Lamont’s Wine Store—where you can snack and sip to your hearts content.

La Vie Champagne Lounge


Fancy-time booze in the luxury surrounds of Crown Casino, La Vie Champagne Lounge is a no-brainer of a choice when you want a venue to pop your cork at. And just like they’ve read your mind, they have paired up your bubbly with its best friends—oysters, caviar and canapés. Classay!

The Grand Bar & Bistro


A popular watering hole for the bankers of St Georges Terrace, The Grand has plenty of champagne on ice—for those wanting to celebrate their next merger or acquisition.

Budburst Small Bar

Mount Hawthorn

There aren't too many better places than Budburst to sit at the bar and down a glass of the cold, bubbly stuff. One of our Mount Hathorn faves.

The Laneway Lounge


Let your champagne flute runneth over at the seductive Laneway Lounge. Party in the front, live music in the back and champagne all up in the place—what’s not to love?

The Cabin

Mount Hawthorn

There’s a sophisticated selection of champagne to be had at The Cabin. Sip it down by the fire or overlooking the rooftops of Mount Hawthorn.

Bob’s Bar


With the neon West Australian sign as your backdrop, and bustling St George’s Terrace as your view, there is so much to raise a glass to at Bob’s Bar. Ditch the craft brews at this iconic rooftop and dive head first into their impressive sparkling menu.

The Beach Club


Champagne, cava, sparkling and prossecco—The Beach Club serves up all the colours of the bubbly rainbow for their glam clientele. Sip on some sparkling, slurp down some oysters and catch a sunset for pleasure overload (and a smug Insta pic).



The champagne list at Wildflower is as long as a Russian novel and reads like a who’s who of Bruts and Blanc de Blancs. Enjoy your selection on the balcony.

Mister Walker

South Perth

Champagne tastes better on a jetty—fact. Head to Mister Walker for a glass of the good stuff and some killer Swan River views.

Looking for more places to get your drank on? Search 'Bars' in The Directory!

Budburst Small Bar | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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