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Sip Your Way Through Award-Winning Spirits On The Swan Valley’s New Distillery Trail

By Claire Logan
1st Dec 2020

You’ve no doubt hit the Valley on a boozy wine crawl or some cheeky brewery beverages, but did you know the region is also flush with award-winning distilleries? 

Yep, that’s right, and the new Swan Valley Distillery Trail is the best way to explore each of the five different dedicated distillers, all in less than a day.  

So where are we stopping and what are we sipping?

Old Young’s Distillery

First up is Old Young’s Distillery, where local produce and native Australian botanicals are front and centre in all their handcrafted spirits. Must try sips include their internationally-acclaimed Six Seasons Gin and the absolutely delish Pavlova Vodka.

Harris Organic Wine and Spirits 

Head on to Harris Organic Wine and Spirits and marvel at the grape-led products, all made from organic grapes planted, picked, and fermented right here in the Swan Valley. This place is the only spot you can try a certified organic London dry style gin in WA.  

Swan Valley Gin Company

Located at Pandemonium Estate, the Swan Valley Gin Company promises a true grape to glass experience set within the lush vineyards. For serious holiday vibes, we can’t go past the Spanish-inspired gin bar, the Gintoneria, where you can taste your way through their very impressive Diablo gin range.

Sin Gin Distillery

Next on the list is Sin Gin Distillery. This small batch distillery makes some exceptional award-winning gins, all using local botanicals. Top picks from the range include their Seven Deadly Sins Gin or the best-selling Perth Pink Sin Gin, loaded with lemon myrtle.  

Great Northern Distillery 

Last but not least, make your way to the internationally-acclaimed Great Northern Distillery and pull up a seat in their laid back alfresco area while soaking up views of their historic vines. There’s loads of spirits to sample from premium Canefine rums, to gin, vodka and handcrafted liqueurs. Just choose whether you want to try them all neat or in one of their delish cocktail creations.  

There you have it. Five award-winning distilleries, a Valley load of handcrafted, premium spirits, and a damn good day out, if you ask us. So what are you waiting for? Gather your spirit-loving friends, nominate your designated driver, and hit the Valley this weekend.

The Details

What: Swan Valley Distillery Trail
Where: Old Young’s Distillery, Harris Organic Wines and Spirits, Swan Valley Gin Company, Sin Gin Distillery, and Great Northern Distillery
More information available here.

While you're in the area, pull into some of the best Swan Valley wineries as well.

Image credit: Swan Valley Gin Company

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