PSA: We Found Cheese Tea In Perth

By Tina Varghese
27th Mar 2018

We’re about to spill some serious tea here, so you better sit down for this. One of Asia's biggest food trends has finally made its way across the ocean and got the nation buzzing (and jaws dropping). 

Cheese tea, a wild combination of CHEESE and TEA, has landed in Perth and you can go try some of this exotic stuff at Honey Creme. Although we wouldn’t want to ruin the suspense by giving away all the deets, think cream cheese floating on flavoured tea, so something along the lines of tea-flavoured liquid cheesecake.  

Before you dismiss the questionable beverage completely, cheese and tea have (individually) been two of the best things to ever happen to this planet, so their love child might just surprise you.  

The best part is, you’re already spoiled for cheesy choices, because the folks at Honey Creme have launched not one, but THREE flavours of cheese tea, including mango, watermelon and berry! 

 Get ready to kiss those boring ol’ avo toasts goodbye—cheese tea is the new rage in town… maybe. 

Protip: Skip the straw for this one. 

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Image credit: Honey Creme



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