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Heads Up, Chicho Is Now Doing Japanese ‘Melon Pan’ Gelato

By Sophie Hodges
20th Aug 2018

Heard of Melon Pan? It's a Japanese specialty: sweet buns topped with cookie dough and granulated sugar, stuffed with Salty Milk gelato and finished with a dollop of anko (red bean paste). Hell yes. 

Melon Pan Gelato is the latest limited edition dessert to come from Chicho Gelato. And it's a Perth first. A little something owner Chez de Bartolo picked up on his travels through Japan and Taiwan. 

So what is Melon Pan? Imagine a blend of sweet cookies and buttery bread, scooped with gelato—we’re really vibin’ this one guys. 

Chez de Bartolo is pretty keen for Perth to get their gob around Melon Pan for the first time. He got the inspiration during a recent trip. “Japan is a country with many layers, once you start digging you realise that their passion and tenacity for perfection is relentless. This is evident in their food scene," he says. 

“Their desserts are finely crafted and delicate, Chicho will do its best to represent these desserts respectfully and in a way that speaks to our loyal customers and followers.”

Here’s what you can expect: the melon pan will be created at the gelateria, it'll then be stuffed with Salty Milk gelato, using only the best salt from Naoshima (an island known for its art museums and sea salt, there you go). Chicho will then finish the gelato with a dollop of anko (red bean paste) in reference to the Japanese flag, using Australian grown adzuki red beans and matcha from Little Matcha Girl.

The deets? Melon Pan Gelato will be available weekends only for one month, starting Saturday 25 August. Make sure you get in there guys. 

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Image credit: Chicho

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