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French Accent | The Verdict

By Maddi Cross
28th May 2019

French Accent Swan Valley Perth French Restaurant

Nothing says ‘date night’ more than a romantic French restaurant in the heart of our beautiful Swan Valley. And that is exactly what the new French Accent boasts. As well as a chef that has worked at the famous Le Jules Verne on top of the Eiffel Tower. Enough said.

Sitting pretty on a property in Caversham, French Accent is a quaint little restaurant, with soft music and exposed brick walls. During the day you’ll find patisserie Maison Saint Honoré open for business, the outdoor garden area bustling and tables full of breakfast, lunch and most importantly sweet, sweet macarons. But from 6pm, French Accent manager Alberto and chef Antoine rein it back a bit with their intimate service and incredible cooking.

This gastronomic restaurant allows you to touch, taste, see, hear and smell the food in front of you. Alongside each menu item you’ll be told which senses you will use, so step out of your comfort-food-zone and try something different. We recommend going all out with the degustation menu; for just $67 per person you’ll be treated with an amuse-bouche, entrée, main, dessert and a take-home macaron.


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At the moment the stars of the menu are something else. The Cruffger is a croissant burger oozing with melted camembert and served under a smoky glass bell. Otherwise, try the duck breast which is lined with black pepper and served with a set of matches so you can light your meal on fire and watch it become crisp and golden.

But it’s not just the mains that will blow you away, the entrées are so good you might wish they came in larger sizes too. We recommend the deconstructed Parmentier carpaccio beef with assorted oil and vinegar pipettes to garnish your own dish with.

For dessert, you can enjoy either a fruit tarte or chocolate caramel macaron. But of course, there’s a twist. Each macaron comes with a brush covered in gold dust, pistachio and raspberry crumb, and two piping bags so you can decorate the dessert with as much flavour as your taste buds desire.


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French Accent is staying on their toes and won’t keep this menu around for much longer. They’re changing it up every couple of months and challenging you to more sensory food adventures. Here’s a clue; they are experimenting with liquid nitrogen and roses at the moment, so rack your brain on how these might be included in their next menu.  

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