Game Of Thrones’ S8 Release Date Is Out—Cue The Hysteria!

By Jessica Pridmore
31st Jan 2018


Confession: we’re still not over the fact that Game of Thrones will not be returning to our screens in 2018 (you cried too, right?). While others have been filling the void with the Graces and Frankies of the world, others—read: me—have been hanging out in sketchy GoT internet group chats and scouring Facebook pages (if none of you are following Game Of Laughs I suggest you do so, pronto) waiting, sort of patiently, for a teaser to drop. Something. Anything.

And guess what? It finally bloody happened!

Yesterday evening, amongst some controversy might we add, the internet became abuzz with news that the release date for GoT S8 had been accidentally leaked, and by a cast member no less. Cue mock horror.

Upon further investigation, it seems Maisie Williams, aka Arya, has not, in fact broken the deafening silence of HBO’s strict contracts, and tbh, we’re pretty torn up about it.

So, what do we know? It is confirmed, however, that Game of Thrones S8 will return in 2019—we’re just not sure when, ffs. There is likely some truth in Maisie Williams’ claimed misquote and that’s that filming will likely wrap at the end of 2018, and that there is generally a lead time of four months for editing and special effects. April. April 2019, guys! There, we said it. It’s happening. FACT.

After the speed of which 2018 is already whizzing by, we’re totally here for it—it’ll fly by. Reality, or our own version of it. Whenever John Snow and co returns to our screens, we’ll be ready.

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