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2018 Has Gifted Us With Gin And Tonic Teabags

By Catherine Blake
16th Jan 2018


Starting your day with a G&T used to be the sign of a troubled drama queen living beyond her means, but now it means exactly the same thing except after she’s run out of ice cubes. London's famed Fortnum & Mason, a spendthrift’s haven of tchotchkes, picnic baskets and artisanal chocolates, have released their own range of gin and tonic teabags for the man or woman who has (quite literally) everything.

Startlingly, this fancy tisane contains absolutely no alcohol whatsoever. ‘What’s the point?’ I hear you cry and to that I say pipe the goddamn hell down because some of us drove here. With a lack of alcoholic compounds, the brew crew at F&M got crafty; taking juniper and coriander and fennel and all the other herbaceous flavours that go into making gin, then mixed them into a base of top quality green tea. The infusion is then finished off with a wee bit of lemon balm and some dried cucumber and lime for a refreshing finish. Does your morning cuppa have a garnish? Didn’t think so.

As for packaging, do you think they come in the same old porous paper bags as your ordinary breakroom tea? Heavens no! Just when this luxurious brew couldn’t get any fancier Fortnum & Mason have decided to tuck the individual portions into the tea cabinet’s equivalent of a silken negligee.

Choice Fortnum & Mason products can be found at DJ's, but if they’re fresh out of gin and tonic you can pick up a box of 15 via Fortnum and Mason.

Image credit: Fortnum & Mason

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