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Gin Cheese Is A Thing And We Can’t Even

By Urban List Writers
15th Dec 2017

Gin Cheese Is A Thing And We Can't Even

Gin lovers, you’re going to lose your mind. Gin flavoured cheese in officially a thing and you may proceed to freak the heck out. 

Just think—gin cheeseburgers, pizza or even one heck of a cheese platter—the possibilities are endless! 

Currently taking the UK by storm, this marvellous creation has been brought to us by the Cheshire Cheese Company. 

A masterful balance of quality gin, lemon and smooth creamy cheese, it blends together perfectly to create the ultimate golden parcel of happiness. Described as having a ‘melt in your mouth’ sensation, it’s safe to say we’re salivating at the thought. 

While yet to arrive on our shores, you can count on us to let you know as soon as it does!

In the meantime, keep drinking allll the gin, because if you do, you're sexy af. Fact. 

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