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By Anna Franklyn
12th Jul 2018

Glory Bowls is sitting pretty on Calais Road in Scarborough and considering how new it is (it only opened in June), I was shocked at how busy it was when I popped in for a mid-week lunch recently. It’s pretty clear this place is exactly what the locals have been patiently waiting for.

Glory Bowls is officially a take away joint. There’s a bench and a few stools out the front and one long skinny table inside, but the interior is so gosh darn enticing that the peeps of Perth are opting to dine in. Think lots of natural light thanks to huge windows and a skylight above the table, plenty of dangly greenery and a cabinet filled with treats you’ll want to take home with you.

But whether you decide to dine in or take away, there is one undeniable fact: the food is dee-freaking-licious.

The chipotle beef bowl is unsurprisingly one of the most popular dishes on the menu—think grilled chipotle beef cooked to perfection served with guac, black bean and corn salsa, corn chips, brown rice and a few other drool-worthy trimmings and you can understand why everyone is ordering it.

The falafel bowl is also a winner. They make their falafels in house and they’re not the slightest bit dry. It comes with quinoa, lemon hummus, garlic sauce and loads of veggies, but don’t be fooled into thinking this won’t fill you up—it 100% will.

If neither of those tickle your fancy, the tofu bowl—which comes topped with the cutest little nori rolls I ever did see—is dang good, or you can go all out and build your own bowl from scratch. So many options, and I’m not even finished.

They also do poke bowls which I’ve heard very good things about, or you can get just about anything on the menu turned into the wrap (except the poke bowls, that would just be weird).

If you happen to be in the area around breakfast time, Glory Bowls has a few brekkie bowls on offer. I can’t decide if I’ll be trying the cinnamon oats bowl or the Mexi-bowl when I return.

They also do an epic smoothie bowl and I’ll go right ahead and admit that we ordered a couple of these for lunch-dessert (it’s a thing, just trust me) because #yolo. The Monkey’s Lunch—peanut butter, coconut and banana—is the stuff that dreams are made of. I could have demolished four of them.

They also do some simple but delicious toasts and I can confirm they pour a perfect almond milk coffee (which is not an easy task).

Glory Bowls opens nice and early at 6am each day and they stay open until 8pm from Monday to Wednesday—so there’s no need to feel guilty about forgetting to go to the supermarket again—and until 3pm from Thursday to Sunday.

Glory Bowls Scarborough

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