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Over-Achievers Glossier Release Another New Product And, Spoiler, Of Course It’s Great

By Jessica Pridmore
11th May 2018


Someone tell the team over at Glossier HQ to take the rest of 2018 off; you’ve done enough.

With not one, now two new product launches to market in 2018 (and we’re not even half way through), it’s a wonder why their creative team don’t just pack it in and go on a very long, very overdue, holiday.

We’re talking about their new mascara ‘Lash Slick’, because in case you missed the AVALANCHE of news blowing up your feeds over the last 48 hours, it’s kind of a big deal.

Why? Well, for one it’s Glossier. Their track record for releasing product after product that are instant global sell-outs and that actually work is commendable; add to that their notoriety and insatiable popularity in an already over-saturated affordable beauty market—now that’s just down right genius.

But, anyway, this fangirl is digressing. Back to the product. It is Glossier’s first foray into the world of mascaras, and in news that will surprise absolutely no one, everyone loves it.

What’s the big deal? Glossier’s Lash Slick claims to give your lashes oomph and volume by the bucket load. Simple as. Also, their formula guarantees a smudge-free environment underneath your peepers after a day’s wear. So, there’s that important factor, too. You also know a lot of effort has gone into this humble product when they divulge this is the 248th formulation of the stuff. Yes, this impresses me.

The not-so-slight inconvenience that we still can’t get our hands on Glossier products in Australia is still raging, but, when they finally do ship to the land down under, I know my digital shopping basket will be F.U.L.L. (Lash Slick included.)

The only question left to ask is why the hell aren’t you in Australia and New Zealand yet, guys???????

ICYMI, Nars are releasing their iconic Orgasm shade in a lip balm. Wallets at the ready!

Image credit: Glossier

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