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Harry Potter’s Childhood Home Is For Sale!

By Ava Wardecki
17th Aug 2017

Harry Potter's Childhood Home Is For Sale!

Let’s face it, living like a wizard would be the best darn thing ever: being able to refill your glass at the swish of a wand and make all the housework be done without lifting a finger—it’s safe to say that life would be but a dream.

While we’re still waiting for a wizard school to set up shop, we’ve found the next best thing to get you living out the magical life you’ve always dreamed of: owning a legit wizard’s house!

That’s right people, Harry Potter’s childhood home is officially for sale. Some lucky bugger is going to be able to kiss their muggle life bye-bye and get their wizard on!

If your Hogwarts admission letter seemed to get lost in the mail and never made it’s way around to you (despite you perfecting your wingardum leviosaaa spell) then don’t despair—this is your chance to get a slice of the wizard life!

Propped up in Suffolk, England, this majestic three-bedroom 14th century cottage that goes by the name of De Vere House could soon be all yours. For a sweet one million pounds, you'll be able to live out your dreams of livin’ la vida wizard in, hands down, the most iconic Harry Potter locations.

You can see it in the movie in the clip below. 


Not only is this pad in the fictional Godric’s Hollow the birthplace of both Harry Potter AND Dumbledore, it’s also the place where Harry’s folks took their last breath at the hands of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Not to mention, it’s the very house where our main guy Harry got his famous scar. Talk about a rich history. 

Bring your own wands, owls and Nimbus 2000s—your magical wizard life awaits you!

The Deets:

What: Harry Potter's childhood home is for sale!

Where: Suffolk, England

Why: Because owning a wizard's house would be ah-maze-zing.

Image credit: Carter Jonas

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