Holy Pooch | There’s Another Dog Beer Available In Perth

By Fran Walker
20th Dec 2017

There's A Sunday Sesh You Can Bring Your Dog To In Perth This Weekend

Last week we told you that Furbaby had started brewing their own dog beer and you guys lapped that shizz up, but little did we know, we already had dog beer in Perth! Yeah, you have to buy it online, but sharing a frothy with your four legged friend at home is just as good as going out for a beer or two.

Available from Bone Appetite Treat Co, Snuffle Dog Beer is made with top quality ingredients and it's absolutely delicious—if you're a dog. You can get it in beef or chicken flavour, so you can change things up on the regs.

But wait. What in the world is dog beer even made from? No, it doesn’t actually contain any alcohol (like c’mon guys) but is made with ingredients like beef, chicken stock, mineral oils and other goodies that your pooch will love.

Go on, order some now, you know you want to.

Image credit: Ben Tyers

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