Mermaid Lattes Exist In Perth And We Are Swimming With Excitement

By Anna Franklyn
6th Feb 2018

Move over turmeric, matcha and beetroot, there’s a new kid on the coffee alternative block and it's going by the name of the Mermaid Latte.

Pengos Cafe down in Shoalwater has just introduced the mermaid latte to their customers and the people are loving it for a whole sea of reasons.

This bright blue drink is packed full of herbs and minerals which are said to lower stress and support adrenal function, plus it's organic, gluten free, sugar free, dairy free and everything else you can think of, so it's basically health in a cup!

But don't go thinking it's taste free. While it might be the not-so-tasty-on-its-own blue spirulina giving the drink its blue colour, it's also packed full of coconut milk, manuka honey, ginger, cinnamon and other delicious flavours to make sure you'll be hooked after just one sip.

Shoalwater a bit far to travel for a cuppa? Why not make a day of it and jump on one of the five minute cruises across the sea to Penguin Island so you can try and spot a mermaid, or perhaps just a dolphin or two.

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Image credit: Pengos Cafe

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