You Can Now Go Night SUP-ing In Perth

By Anna Franklyn
17th Jan 2018

Want to know what'sup guys? You can now go stand up paddle boarding at night time thanks to the legends at WestSups in Western Australia. The first company in Australia offering night SUP tours—Perth wins again—these guys have boards that are completely lit up with LED lights so that you can take your next #PerthSunset to a whole new level.

WestSups is a mobile business running between Mindarie Marina and Hillary's Boat Harbour, so you just need to hire the boards and they will drop it right to the water's edge for you, meaning you can paddle off into the sunset and not worry about lugging a giant board around! Win. 

There's no strict time limit, so you're free to paddle well into the night and watch as the LED lights attract all the little fishies right to your feet. Talk about a magical night out on the water.

If the thought of nighttime paddle boarding scares the bejeesus out of you, these guys also do SUP yoga and Acro SUP classes which are all sorts of fun, or you can just hire a board for a spot of regular ol' paddle boarding.

Want more? Here's where to go stand up paddleboarding in Perth.

Image credit: WestSups

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