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This Burmese Food Fete Is One Of Perth’s Best Kept Secrets

By Jim Hall
11th Jan 2019

From your morning caffeine hit to your fat Friday lunches, you really can’t help but get excited about certain rituals or routines. For us, it’s the second Saturday of each month; the date of the Burmese Food Fete.

Held in The Burmese Association of WA building on the corner of Bulwer and Stirling Street in North Perth, the hall is like a time capsule to kids’ birthday parties in the 90s. From trestle tables draped in pink plastic sheets to the red velvet backed stage, what the venue lacks in Instagram friendly furnishings, it makes up for in delicious food and wholesome community charm.

In a time where presentation and image are more important than ever, there's something unusually thrilling about buying a karti kebab wrapped in aluminium foil and unceremoniously left in a bowl, on top of dozens of other similarly wrapped kebabs.

Speaking of said divine food too pure for humanity, the vegetarian karti kebab for a laughable $4 has been a favourite of ours for a solid seven years running and we encourage anyone to try to and prove us wrong.

Oh and speaking of money, this will not be your currency of choice at the fete. Make sure you swing by an ATM on the way there as you exchange cash for tokens to use at the venue. But don’t worry you’d be amazed how far a $20 note gets you, plus you can exchange your tokens back to cash when you’re done.

From the Mandalay Moke Tee to spice mixes to the delicious pandan deserts, the food tastes and smells like Myanmar street food.

The Burmese Association WA has been running for over 50 years and the multigenerational collaborative effort that goes into keeping their culture and culinary talents accessible to all of us mere mortals in Perth is pretty incredible. 

If you have a penchant for authentic food at affordable prices, head up to North Perth between 9.30am and 11am. But be warned, the early bird gets the worm and food goes quick so don’t be late.

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Image credit: Jim Hall

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