Perth Is Getting A Cereal Bar!

By Chloe Sputore
8th Dec 2016

Yes, you read correctly, Perth is getting its very own cereal and sandwich bar and we are jumping for honey joys!

The concept was cooked up by the crew from West End Deli and the menu will totally knock your socks off. From 7am punters can roll in for their morning bowl of cereal—but it's a little more hi-fi than that. You'll be able to enjoy your two Weetbix with Nutella, banana, maple syrup and almond milk or your Lucky Charms with toasted marshmallows, apple and salted caramels. Dessert for breakfast, anyone? There'll also be homemade granola, bircher and porridge.

Come lunch time the West End Deli Cereal and Sandwich Bar will unleash their sandwich-making artistry. Think baguettes filled with roasted pork belly, onion rings, apple slaw and Mrs Ball's Chutney and an American po-boy sandwich with crispy prawns, lettuce, preserved lemon and mayo. You'll also be able to get your hands on West End's famous beef and mushy pie and a couple of different salads.

This fun extension of the West End Deli has found a home in the basement of the State Buildings and will swing open its doors around mid-January. They'll be open for dining in, taking away or Uber Eats-ing and there'll also be a handy online ordering system to make life easier for everyone who finds it hard to fit lunch into their day.

For updates on when exactly the West End Deli Cereal and Sandwich bar will be opening, check out their Facebook page.

Image credit: West End Deli Cereal and Sandwich Bar

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