Perth’s Most Delish Mac ‘N’ Cheese Dishes

By Chloe Sputore
7th Dec 2016

Mac 'n' cheese, macaroni and cheese, mac and cheese—whatever you call it, it's delicious. What could possibly be bad about every kid's favourite elbow-shaped pasta and melted cheese? Nothing at all, unless you're not eating it of course!

These days,  Perth restaurants and cafes are blowing our minds and offering loads of different spins on this carbohydrate-heavy dish—they're serving it between bread, frying it and even putting it on pizza.

Here are Perth's best mac 'n' cheese dishes you need to try, stat!

Mac 'N' Cheese Pizza | Deen Street BBQ


Mac 'n' cheese on a pizza? There is a god! You'll find all 12 inches of this carby, cheesy goodness at Deen Street BBQ in the Northbridge 'hood.

Mac 'N' Four Cheese Croquettes | The Stables Bar

Perth CBD

Croquette is basically a fancy word for fried, and the fried mac ' n' cheese from Stables in Perth is legit. Served with rosemary and south-west truffle oil you'll be going back for more...and more...and more.

Mac 'N' Cheese | Clarences

Mount Lawley

You can always trust Clarences for hearty noms and their mac 'n' cheese is no exception. Forget sharing and just order a couple of bowls of this cheesy, carby goodness for yourself.

Mac 'N' Cheese Bites | The Merrywell


Frying anything at all just amplifies the deliciousness and that's exactly what you get at The Merrywell with their tasty mac 'n' cheese bites. Dip them in the house-made HP sauce or just pop them in your mouth as they are, you can't g wrong!

Mac 'N' Cheese | The Old Crow


The Old Crow's mac 'n' cheese is exactly what you want when it comes to this dish. Cheesy, creamy and honest. It's 1000 times better than the Kraft variety available at your local supermarket.

Mac 'N' Cheese With Spec & Roo Shank | Varnish On King

Perth CBD

Mac 'n' cheese gets a fancy spin at Varnish On King. Served with spec and a roo shank, pair it with a nice glass of red and you've got yourself some cheesy macaroni that's classy AF.

Mac And Cheese | Side Door BBQ


Everything at Side Door BBQ is delicious (and heart-attack inducing), especially the mac 'n' cheese. Be sure to order a side of this with your meat platter.

Mac 'N' Cheese Bowl | Grilled To The Mac

Food Truck

Grilled To The Mac's owner, Jason, is a Canadian native so you know their mac 'n' cheese is something wonderful. You can also replace the bowl with bread for some grilled mac 'n' cheese goodness. You'll find this Perth food truck at local markets and festivals around town.

Truffle Mac 'N' Cheese | The Precinct

East Victoria Park

If you think straight-up mac 'n' cheese is good your mind will be blown at The Precinct in East Vic Park. They add truffle to their carb-laden bowls of macaroni and it's freakin' delicious!

Golden Crumbed Mac And Cheese Balls | Meatball Bar

Leederville & Mount Lawley

Five kinds of cheese, sweet paprika and garlic chive fondue dipping sauce—life doesn't get much better than when you're chowing down on Meatball Bar's golden crumbed mac and cheese balls.

Mac 'N' Pork | Young Love Mess Hall


Creamy mac 'n' cheese with loads of delicious sweet pork stirred through, this is one of our favourite dishes from Northbridge's Young Love Mess Hall. It's best enjoyed with a cocktail in hand of course!

Mac 'N' Cheese Toastie | Eillo


Macaroni and cheese in a toastie? Why didn't we think of that? It doesn't really matter because the dudes from Eillo did and it's the bomb diggity. Be sure to swing by on your next lunch break.

Pimento Mac | Varsity Bar


Varsity Bar's mac 'n' cheese is so good they serve it three different ways, but our favourite is the pimento mac, because bacon. Made with elbow pasta, pimento cheese sauce, bacon and grilled cheese it is delish! If you're carb loading you could also grab the D-Mac—a hot dog filled with mac 'n' cheese.

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Eillo | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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