Perth’s Best Pimped Up Lattes

By Ella Liascos
17th May 2017

Nothing quite speaks to our obsession with North American food and drinks like the emergence of pumpkin spice lattes in cafes all over Perth. But if pumpkin spice doesn't get you all excited never fear, there are plenty other ways to pimp a latte these days. From taro and turmeric to red velvet and creme brulee lattes—there are endless alternatives to the classic coffee bean. 

Here are the best pimped up lattes in Perth, for those days when you need something a little more than a regular ol' cup of joe.


Choc Beetroot Latte | 2 Green Fingers


This beautiful neighbourhood cafe in Willagee serves pimped up lattes in abundance. 2 Green Fingers has got turmeric and matcha lattes of course, but it's the choc beetroot latte you need to get your hands on. Pair it with some of the wholesome food from their cabinet and you have yourself a winning combination. 

Butterscotch Coconut Chai Latte | Milk And Paper


With a plethora of flavours up their sleeves, the crew at Milk and Paper turn your average coffee into one of pimped up proportions and they do it effortlessly. The pumpkin spice chai is great, but we can't get enough of the butterscotch coconut chai latte lately.  

Crema Brulee | Mr Fox On William


Pimped might as well be Mr Fox On William's middle name. With an extensive list of drinks you’ve never heard of, you will most definitely want to try the famous crema brulee, which is complete with a blow torched crackable lid—just like a real creme brulee! In case you weren't aware, Mr Fox is the younger sibling to The Sparrow's Nest in Victoria Park who also dishes out this magical drink. Mr Fox On William also does a gingerbread latte and a honeycomb crunch affogato, both of which will knock your socks off.

Taro Latte | Pachi Pachi

Victoria Park

What is taro you ask? Well, it turns your latte into a lavender-coloured, kind of sweet but kind of savoury affair—the flavour is reminiscent of a sweet potato but much more delicious. Pachi Pachi in Vic Part is one of the few places who serves them, along with matcha lattes and all your usual suspects. 

Cinnamon, Chilli Or Hazelnut Hot Chocolate | Koko Black

Perth and Claremont

Yes, we know…a hot chocolate is NOT a coffee. But there’s cinnamon, chilli, hazelnut and Koko Black's  chocolate involved, so we thought we should bring it to your attention.  Plus you could always ask to add a shot of coffee. You're welcome.

Pumpkin Spice Latte | BOO Espresso

North Perth

Did someone say ‘Murica? Go and get your next pumpkin spice latte and a toastie at Boo Espresso when you’re in the area next—you won’t regret it. If you're over pumpkin spice lattes, try their white chocolate mocha or a Nutella hot chocolate.

Tumeric Latte | Nature's Harvest


Whether you want it dirty (poured over a double shot of coffee), over a long black or done in the traditional ayurvedic style—with turmeric, cardamom, chilli, vanilla, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, coconut milk and honey—Nature's Harvest will sort you out.  

Red Velvet Latte | Moore and Moore


Made with dutch cocoa, demerara and organic beetroot powder, Moore & Moore’s red velvet lattes are better than cake in our humble opinion. These guys also do a honeycomb affogato and a candied ginger latte which will hit the spot, plus the dirty chai at Moore & moore is one of the best in Perth!

Nutella Capuccino | Cafe Elixir


This little gem in Wanneroo serves our two all time favourite things together. Yep, coffee and Nutella is a thing at Cafe Elixir and we are way too excited. In fact, you can add Nutella or chocolate chips (or both) to any coffee of your choice! If coffee isn't your calling, then you're in luck because these guys also serve a heavenly choc chai for you tea enthusiasts out there. You can thank us later. 

Love hot drinks? Check our Perth's best cafes for non-coffee drinkers.

Image credit: Andria Chua

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