Perth’s Best Winter Date Ideas

By Kirsty Petrides
12th Jul 2016

Dating. It’s so much fun, isn’t it? The flirting; the back and forth text message banter; the whole ‘getting to know each other’ stage; and all the lies you tell to make yourself sound much cooler than you actually are.

But sometimes dating can be stressful, especially when you’re the one who has to come up with the date idea. What if they don’t like the same places I like? What if they think my favourite pub is lame? What if they don’t like quiz nights? So much pressure! (But really, if they don’t like quiz nights, cut them loose now. There is no point continuing down this road.)

Luckily for you, we have come up with Perth’s best winter date ideas, so all you have to worry about is keeping a straight face when you say ‘Oh my gosh, are you serious? Amelie is my favourite movie too!’ (Because no its not, its Die Hard 2. No one actually likes Amelie.)

Shank And Shiraz | Clarences

Mount Lawley

Mount Lawley restaurant Clarences is such a cosy little spot and it's perfect for a winter date. Plus, they have some outstanding dinner deals, like $25 shank and shiraz on a Tuesday night. So if your date doesn’t pan out, at least you haven’t wasted that much money. Onwards and upwards.

Thursday Night Trivia | The Local Hotel

South Fremantle

Quiz nights are hands-down one of the most fun activities you can do. It’s also a great way to impress your date with all the useless knowledge you have stored in your head. Plus, The Local is a great cosy pub complete with fireplaces, so you can curl up in front of one once you’re done dominating the trivia night.

Hot Cheese | Frisk Small Bar


You’ll get dating brownie points for taking your plus one to Frisk for hot cheese and gin night. Why? Because everyone loves cheese. This date idea also serves as a screening process as well, because if you discover that your date doesn’t like cheese, at least you’ve found out early on and you can call it a day now before you waste any more time.

Vino And Vinyasa | The Yoga Vine


What better way to warm up in winter than with some yoga and wine? The last Friday of every month is vino and vinyasa at The Yoga Vine. Think those two things don’t go hand in hand? Well you’re wrong. The team here know that life is all about balance, which is why they bring you this awesome yoga class, followed by some cheeky wines at the studio afterwards. You’ll definitely impress your plus one with your inventive date idea, your awesome yoga moves and your kindness—because all vino and vinyasa class fees go straight to charity.

Sunday Night $2 Tacos | La Cholita


There are three reasons as to why Sunday night $2 tacos at Northbridge restaurant La Cholita is an awesome winter date. One—Mexican food is a great way to warm up. Two—everybody loves a bargain. And three—Sunday nights can often be a bit depressing, when the realisation sets in that your weekend is over already and you have to go back to work, and instead of accomplishing all the productive things on your weekend to-do list, you just got drunk and then binge-watched Game of Thrones when you were hungover. Again. So fix your date’s Sunday night blues with an awesome dinner.

Hike Up Melon Hill Then Go For Brunch | The Shorehouse


If it’s a crisp, rain-free winter morning, warm yourself up with some exercise. A hike up Melon Hill in Swannie provides you with views of the Perth skyline as well as all the way out to Rottnest. You can impress your date with your amazing hiking abilities, plus a hike provides heaps of time to chat so you can decide if you actually like them. If halfway through the hike you discover that they prefer the US version of The Office instead of the BBC original, you can just take a detour through the bush and run away. However, if you find out they too think David Brent is the greatest TV character ever written, then lock in a post-hike brunch date at The Shorehouse.

Sunday Roast | Fibber McGees


Everyone loves a Sunday roast. So warming, so hearty, so cosy. Fibber McGee’s do a solid Sunday roast, plus they grow all their fresh produce themselves. They have their own organic farm which they fully own and operate, so they can supply quality produce to their kitchen to create their delicious meals. Whip out that fun fact for your date, they’ll be impressed.

Cheese Board | Little Sister Delicatessen


When it’s rainy and miserable outside, sometimes you don’t actually want to leave the house. If this is case, head to Little Sister in Freo and impress your date with your stellar cheese board making skills. This place has the most mouth-watering selection of cheeses, charcuterie, olives and more, so you might actually end up buying enough produce for seven cheese boards instead of one. Grab a bottle of red and a candle, and you’ve got a nice intimate date night.

Burgers | Mrs Brown

North Fremantle

Mrs Brown is the perfect winter date spot, with its big cosy armchairs and mulled wine. Get nice and comfy in there, and once you’ve worked up an appetite talking about your families and your favourite episodes of Seinfeld, order some Flipside burgers from next door. You can tell a lot about a person by their burger choice. No cheese—they’re boring.  Extra jalapenos—they’re firey. They put their chips inside their burger bun—they’re awesome and you should marry them immediately.

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Clarences | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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