Pay For Your Next OS Trip Just From Pup-Sitting

By Jessica Best
8th Aug 2018


Guys, let’s be honest. We know you’ve been creepin’ on anybody and everybody who has the audacity to upload a snap of themselves sipping on a glass of Spritz, Amalfi Coast in the background and killer tan in the foreground. Frankly, it’s just selfish and rude. And we may or may not be jealous to a tee (but don’t tell Sophie and her new Mediterranean hubby that).

In light of these seemingly dark times for the rest of us peasants who are stuck in the Big Smoke, there’s actually some good news on the horizon. Yep, you can absolutely jump on a plane and join ol’ mate Soph for Croatia Sails with a bit of simple pup-sitting. Let us explain.

Basically, word on the street is that the fab share economy can fuel your side hustle to send you right on over to pretty much any continent, with some peeps being able to afford a two-week trip just from petting a bunch of furry friends.

Here are a few pet-sitting shindigs you can get amongst so you can start whipping out those bikinis you’ve got stashed away.

Mad Paws

If you’re an absolute animal lover, expect to do all the animal sitting ever. Mad Paws means you can work towards saving for OS flights while you cuddle up with pups, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs or birds. 

Pet Cloud

Another fab revenue generator to jump onboard is Pet Cloud. Think pup and cat sitting, walking and house sitting. You can also put yourself forward to be an official pet chauffeur for all the super #EXTRA pooches around and let’s be honest, what a complete honour.

Paw Shake

This bad boy gives you the option for home dog boarding, dog walking, cat sitting and house sitting so in other words, you’re in for a whole lot of furry fun as you progressively rack up some travelling dosh when you jump onboard Paw Shake.

Want your own? Here's where to adopt a pet in Perth.

Image credit: Unsplash

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