Perth’s Best Pickled Everything

By Emma Pegrum
27th Feb 2018

The world of pickling offers so much. If you’re anything like me, and you love pickle so much that you spend serious amounts of time perusing the pickled goods isles of supermarkets home and abroad, you know the feels when you bite into a crunchy Conti roll or banh mi that comes thick with perfectly pickled veg, or enjoy a delicious charcuterie board laden with loads of little sweet pickles. Electrifying.

It’s not just about the dill pickles—though these do work well as an afternoon snack—and they aren’t just coming out of Eastern Europe, either. We are lucky to live in a city that’s embracing the era of the pickled everything; from Japanese fine-dining, to Korean joints, to modern Australian bistros and to raw, health-food cafes, the art of pickling is gaining a stronghold and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Here’s where to find Perth's best pickled everything!

Five Bar

Mount Lawley

You know those tiny little sweet pickles that usually come on fancy share platters from fine restaurants? Five Bar doesn’t want anything to do with them. Both the dip board & pickles and the charcuterie board come with generous, decent-sized pickles that will certainly do the trick. Meanwhile, there’s also a seriously good Reuben on the menu that comes thick with sauerkraut, and a rather dangerous Black Angus beef burger that doesn’t skimp on the pickle ratio.

Nowhereman Brewing

West Leederville

If you’re sick of being dished up share platters and charcuterie boards that don’t satisfy your pickle-loving needs, Nowhereman Brewing is your new favourite place. The deli board is actually two boards—one for the array of delicious pickled veg and the other for, you know, the other, less important stuff (actually no, cheese and meat are just as important). Or, choose from the charcuterie section of the menu and be blessed with their house-made pickles, mustard and sourdough as a mainstay.


East Victoria Park

The guys at Decanter might just be THE pickle masters of Perth. They do deep fried pickles—crumbed in some sort of magic then fried to perfection and served them with aioli—and a pickle drink!! The Dickel Pickleback is a shot of bourbon with a pickle juice chaser and it's a pickle lover's dream come true. If that's not enough, they also have a customisable menu where you can choose from mac n cheese, fries, waffles or sweet potato wedges, then top it with pulled pork, fried chicken, mushrooms or beef brisket, and then after all that, you can load it up with pickles (of course), jalapenos and crispy fried onion. Is this what heaven looks like?

Stables Bar


While Stables Bar isn’t necessarily a pickle merchant, there are some pickled delights on the menu that won’t disappoint if you just want to enjoy a drink and graze. The grazing plate is extremely well put together and features some pickled surprises, or sink your teeth into some pulled pork sliders with a delicious pickle mayo. The zucchini fritter baos also come topped with kimchi, for something else on the pickley side of things.

Lot Twenty


Aside from their regular menu and all-round approach to dining being A-class, Lot Twenty also offers a sneaky little pickle-experience that could well be Perth’s best kept secret. For just twenty-five buckaroos per person you can have a private raclette party where you'll get your very own plate of triple smoked leg ham, Serrano, Hungarian salami, the all-important pickled vegetables, chat potatoes and fresh baguette topped with deliciously melted raclette cheese. We can’t even.

Red Cabbage

South Perth

As the name might lead you to think, Red Cabbage is packing a lot of pickle. From pickled grapes that sit alongside cured meats to pickled cucumber and wasabi topping a Japanese-style cured salmon dish, all the way to the delicious pickled cauliflower that accompanies a gourmet British pie dish—Red Cabbage has got pickle-worshippers covered.

Manna Wholefoods


If the health benefits are what attracts you to pickles, Manna Wholefoods might just be your new regular spot. With pickled goods being a featured ingredient and accompaniment in their dishes, you kind of can’t go wrong. Or, shop for your own and take them home in the adjacent whole foods store.

Perth City Farm Cafe


Another one for those wanting to eat all the pickles to improve gut health, Perth City Farm Cafe can be found making their own pickles on the reg, with vegetables from their own garden. For a true ‘paddock to plate’ experience (and one that features lots of pickles) be sure to head here.

7 Grams Korean Fried Chicken & Burger Bar

North Perth

Not only can you grab some of Perth’s best Korean Fried Chicken here, as a side you’ll also get a very substantial serving of perfectly pickled veg that, let’s be honest, is the real hero of the meal. Don’t let the confusing facade and eclectic choice of decor scare you, this place is for real!

Le Vietnam Cafe


A favourite of those who work in the CBD, Le Vietnam Cafe is a humble little haunt serving up fresh Vietnamese dishes brimming with fresh coriander, spices, tasty meats and, most importantly, perfectly pickled vegetables. Their famous banh mi are packed full of creative, tasty, pickled goodness and you absolutely need to eat it now.

Red Chair Cafe


No summary of places offering up dishes ft. pickles can be complete without Red Chair Cafe. Streams ahead in Perth’s Bun Bo Xao game, theirs features pickled carrots, radish and cauliflower and it is seriously life-changing. Exaggeration? No. They could dish me up those pickled vegetables alone and I’d be happy.

If you prefer your pickles in a good ol’ Conti roll, check our list of Perth’s best continental rolls.

Decanter | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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