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PSA: Uber’s Flying Taxis Could Be Headed Our Way

By Simone Jovel
16th Aug 2017

uber elevate

For anyone else that wishes they got to work on their hover board this morning—this one’s for you. In a case of ‘how many sleeps until 2023?’ Uber has announced the most epic way to avoid #ThatBigCityLyfe by taking our commute to the skies with Uber Elevate. 

Now before you go checking the app, here’s what we know. According to the Australian Financial Review, Uber is looking at developing vehicles that can takeoff and land vertically, with Sydney and Melbourne possible locations for the plan. And what does a custom built flying taxi need? An airport, obvs, and according to the Australian Financial Review custom designed rooftop ‘vertiports’ are also on the cards. 

In even more epic news, budget ballers can even afford this one! That’s right, if the word on the street is to be believed, you’ll be airborne in style for the cost of a regular fare. We know. Cue heavy breathing.

But let’s be real, how many sleeps until 2023?

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Image credit: Uber

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