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Spreadable Gin & Tonic Is Here To Liven Up Your Breakfast Toast

By Emma Pegrum
29th Mar 2018

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Wait, what? Back up. Let us re-read that. Yep, it definitely says spreadable gin and tonic. That’s right guys, the legends at Frisk. Small Bar—the same folk who’ve brought us great things like baked camembert and warm spicy gin in winter and truffle mac ’n’ cheese toasties with negronis—are bringing us a whole month of gin and tonic marmalade.

We’re still wrapping our heads around what exactly this looks and tastes like, but something tells us it’s going to be good. Gin? Good. Marmalade? Good. So what could possibly go wrong when you put them together?

Now, booze spreads are not a new thing, and alcohol for breakfast has been pretty widely accepted for a while now (cue: the Bloody Mary). Bust as far as gin and tonic marmalade goes, it looks like this little trend was kicked off recently in the UK by London retailer Firebox. The only disappointing thing to hear is that most of the alcohol is cooked off in the creation process—but we do hear that it tastes literally exactly like a perfectly blended G&T.

Anyway, back to how you can get your hands on this stuff right here in Perth. Frisk has just stolen April by announcing that every Friday and Saturday night for the whole month, all you have to do is rock up and spend over $25 (on other delicious drinks!) and they’ll just give you a jar to take home. So basically, your average weekend booze up, with some freebies.

There’s a couple of flavours to choose from—pineapple and ginger, strawberry and elderflower, and orange and grapefruit—all lovingly prepared by the Frisk crew themselves. Plus (as if it could get better), they'll also be mixing the marmalade into some of their cocktails, the recipes for which are on the jar you’re taking home. That means homemade cocktails to boot. Or, you know, just spread it all up on your toast.

Get fancy at breakfast, invite Grandma over for gin & tonic topped scones, or do whatever else you do with marmalade, just better—it doesn’t matter, just don’t miss out on this delicious and limited time only concoction! 

While we're on the topic, did you know salted caramel gin exists?

Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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