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The Internet’s Losing It Over Glossier’s Latest Product Release

By Jessica Pridmore
25th Jan 2018

Glossier solution review

One word; Glossier. The beauty world is abuzz with the latest product release from this cult beauty brand right now (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dove down the beauty IG story hole and ended up on Glossier’s webby, filling up the shopping bag). RIP savings—sigh.

This time, they’re throwing some big ol’ #skingoal claims, so we’re going to find out what’s what (read: whether you should spend your dolleridoos on it) *.

Enter; Glossier Solution. An exfoliating ‘skin perfector’ composed of three key ingredients that are known to slough away dead skin—BHA, AHA, and PHA; aka the Holy Grail for smooth skin—claiming to leave you with a radiant visage akin to the smoothness of Beyonce’s flawless face. And, yeah, I’m totally here for it.

To clarify, Glossier isn’t exactly new to cult beauty status; they’re already main-stayers in the hall of fame—so we know they set the bar HIGH. Products like Cloud Paint and their famous serums from a couple of years back solidified their popularity on a global (cough**) scale.

So, is Solution worth the hype? Well, yes. Let’s chat science for just a sec to see why:

BHA (short for beta hydroxyl, aka saylic acid) is the exfoliant element here. Known for its ability to clear skin of acne, even out texture and calm irritated skin, it’s hard-working but gentle in low doses.

AHA (or alpha hydroxy for all you skin nerds) is a more powerful exfoliant that is great for ridding dry skin cells. It’s also pretty great at evening out skin texture—which we all know is the key to radiant-looking faces, gals.

PHA (also know as polyhydroxy acid—bit of a mouthful) is similar to AHA in that it improves skin texture, just with the added bonus of strengthening the skin and reducing signs of aging.

In a nutshell, The Solution has harnessed the power of this magical trio, combined it with soothing aloe, glycerine and niacinamide (read: vitamin B3—a restorative ingredient that bolsters the epidermal lipid barrier of the skin) creating a product that is applied like a toner and works wonders like a serum. All you need is a cotton round to apply to clean skin—Glossier sell their own embossed with a ‘G’—because of course they do.

Lastly, it’s a quarter of the price compared to other, more exxy, brands flogging the same result AND, the bottle is a perfect shade of pastel pink (god, they just get us don’t they!). So, yeah, it’s a big ol’ tick from me!

**As of right now, Glossier doesn’t deliver to Australia (seriously, about that…) so if you do want to get your hands on any of their products, you either need to know someone in the UK or the US who’ll ship it to you, or, set up a mail box in the US with your forwarding address—aka, here. It’s exhausting just bloody writing this, so fingers crossed they’ll get their shit together and make it avail to us southern hemisphere folk soon…

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