It’s Official! The Sinner Is Coming Back For Season Two

By Jessica Best - 21 Mar 2018

Guys, it’s happened. 

The next season of The Sinner has been confirmed and yep, we’ve already started to mentally bail on birthdays, brunches and baby showers months from now. And we’re not even a little bit sorry about it.

Here’s the down-low. We’re not totally sure when season two will actually be released (to be honest we’re still revelling in the fact that this epic psychological-thriller is being continued) but we do know that the next eight episodes won’t feature the legendary Jessica Biel. ICYMI, she previously played Cora Tannetti, a mother who commits a horrendous crime and is haunted by the violent secrets of her past. Well boo.

Fear not, word on the street is the second season will follow the dark and mysterious Detective Ambrose (played by Bill Pullman) as he tries to solve another super unsettling case where an 11-year-old murders his parents and basically, it’s everything you could want this award-winning series to be.

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Image Credit: Netflix

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