All The Things We’d Do In Perth If We Won The Lotto

By Phoebe McRae
12th Mar 2018

If you’ve never dreamed of what you would do if you won the lotto, you haven’t lived. We think about it every single day—and let’s just say there’s a reason we spent our entire pay check on tickets (well, not our entiiiire pay check but you know what we mean).

Here are all the things we’d do if we won the Lotto.

  1. Buy a house on Marine Parade.
  2. As well as an entire avocado orchard.
  3. Plus a vineyard in Margaret River.
  4. While we're on the topic of property, we'll take a house on Yallingup Hill and another one in Coral Bay, too (please and thank you).
  5. A helicopter sure would come in handy with all those properties…
  6. A Tesla is a given.
  7. Then obvs we’d buy a boat so we can go to Rottnest whenever we goddamn want.
  8. We’ll need to hire a full-time skipper so we can drink allllllll the way over there.
  9. Actually, we’ll probs need a bartender as well.
  10. Can you adopt quokkas?
  11. If not, we’ll build a dog park and adopt 101 Dalmatians!
  12. We’d also pay for the Bayswater Bridge to be heightened so we don’t have to hear about another truck crashing into it. You’re welcome.
  13. Defs need to get Top Dup to create our own personal doughnuts.
  14. And Gusto Gelato to install that oh-so-famous Nutella tap in the kitchen #drooooool.
  15. We might even take over Authentic Bites Dumpling House—never wait in line again!
  16. We'd probably re-open the Witch's Cauldron for one last plate of garlic prawns.
  17. We could even start up our own weekly street food night with all our faves.
  18. Flying the entire family to Greece for a European summer is a must.
  19. You’ve got to tick Cinque Terre off the list too...
  20. And Croatia wouldn’t be bad either.
  21. We’d be silly not to organise a mini cheese festival for all our mates in the backyard of our new mansion.
  22. With wine.
  23. And (you guessed it) one tonne of cheese.
  24. Photo booth = mandatory.
  25. Might even treat the work gang to coffee, because who doesn’t like free coffee?
  26. Last but not least, one more ticket to the lotto just in case we’re lucky enough to win it twice.

You’ve got to be in it to win it, dear readers. Get your tickets here now.

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Image credit: Warner Bros

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